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Purpose Summary:
To perform advanced operational duties involving the dog and cat adoption program and acts as staff lead of service staff. Adoption Program Lead provides for the comfort and health care of animals at the shelter and assists the public in their transactions with PAWS.

Essential Responsibilities:
• Organizes the service staff and ensures the daily work of the team is on track, such as completing adoption calls, meet and greets, and finalization, according to written Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s).
• Mentors new staff and assists with on-the-job training and oversight. Takes the lead on reassigning staff to ensure essential duties are completed when management is not available.
• Manages the public web information about adoptable animals including their biographies, images, videos, and adoption recommendations.
• Coordinates the adoption follow-up surveys and post-adoption support for clients with the behavior team.
• Monitors the flow-through of animals from foster to adoptions at Lynnwood or the Cat City location.
• Audits the adoption pending holds and the associated communications with the public about the adoption process.
• Assists the CAS Management team with marketing and social media efforts involving companion animals and adoption.
• Handles and processes incoming money from adoptions, retail sales, donations, license sales, surrendered animals and redeemed animals in accordance with written policies and procedures. Corrects errors to monetary and paperwork transactions per SOP’s.
• Provides assistance to adoption photography volunteers in day-to-day performance of their duties as Directed by the Programs Manager.

This is a full time job

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Kerri Tenniswood
Animal Services Manager

Closing Date: Friday, March 12, 2021

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