Job Description

The Animal Care team provides compassionate, attentive care to the animals at ACCT Philly at all times.
As the leader of this department, the Animal Care Manager ensures that staff are well trained and
prioritize providing a clean, comfortable environment, and handling and enrichment that ensures they
have a pleasant stay at the shelter. The Animal Care Manager works closely with the Behavior and
Medical Managers to ensure all the animals’ needs are supported. Given that the Animal Care team
takes the lead in so many parts of the building, the Animal Care Manager also plays a role in ensuring
the shelter is well maintained, providing a great environment for everyone - humans and animals alike.

Core Responsibilities
● Oversees daily cleaning and husbandry for all animals in care; working alongside staff as needed
● Ensures staff are well trained in policy and standards of care, and monitors and ensures
compliance in daily practice
● Creates staff schedules and daily assignments that ensure adequate coverage
● Trains staff on low stress animal handling techniques
● Coordinates with the Volunteer Manager and provides daily oversight to volunteers assisting
with animal care to ensure all animals receive meaningful human interaction including walking
dogs and interacting with cats and other animals
● Coordinates with the Volunteer Manager and provides daily oversight to volunteers assisting
with laundry and other associated tasks to ensure the laundry room is well maintained, free of
pests, and laundry is tended to in a timely manner
● Facilitates the movement of animals around the building
● Ensures all relevant equipment is available and in good working order; takes the lead on
replacement and repair
● Sets clear expectations for performance, including measurable goals and deliverables
● Participates in daily rounds with the goal of always remain within capacity for care
● Directs performance of direct reports through regular meeting, goal setting and appraisal, and
● Ensures a comprehensive staff training program that focuses on best practice skillsets and
continued development of all employees
● Is responsible for the general maintenance of all associated spaces including animal rooms,
storage areas, offices, etc.
● Works to instill in teams an approach that prioritizes collaboration and values professionalism
● Performs lost and found walk-throughs with clients as needed
● Maintains a friendly demeanor and provides quality customer service when assisting the public
● Participates in hiring and performance management activities
● Creates purchase order requests and places orders once approved
● Performs inventory management routinely and addresses any issues found
● Oversees staff time off and scheduling, including biweekly review of timesheets, receiving and
responding to time off requests, etc.
● Other duties and special projects as assigned by Director of Operations and/or Executive

Ability to excel in a fast-paced, often high stress environment; must be forward thinking and anticipate
challenges, responding to them quickly and completely; must be adaptable and receptive to rapidly
evolving protocols and able to rally others with an air of excitement and opportunity; treats animals and
people with respect; has an open mind and is willing to try new things; is a good communicator and
enjoys collaborating with and working with others; has high standards for performance and provides
staff and volunteers with the tools and resources necessary to meet them; possesses excellent work
ethic; demonstrates maturity and good judgement; is comfortable and able to work with animals of
varying species, size, health status, and temperaments; ability to lift and move up to 50lbs;

Education and Work Experience
High school diploma or GED required; two years in an animal focused role with demonstrated increase
in responsibility
Work Environment
ACCT Philly is open to the public 10am to 6pm daily, including on weekends and holidays, and may have
as many as 300 interactions with the public in a given day, including with volunteers and rescue
partners. The Animal Care department is a 24/7 department. The shelter operates at a fast pace and
experiences rapid turnover of animals. While performing the duties of the job, employees are frequently
exposed to odors and high levels of noise.
This is a full-time position, averaging a minimum of eight (8) hours per day, forty (40) hours per week.
Work schedule including days and hours may vary according to the needs of the organization, may
include weekends, nights, and holidays. This position is FSLA exempt status. This is a non-Union position.
Immediate Supervisor: Director of Operations
Introductory Assessment Period
The introductory assessment period runs from the date of hire for 90 days thereafter. For employment
in any position with ACCT Philly, this introductory assessment period is the period during which the
specifics of the job are learned. During this period, either the employee for ACCT Philly may end the
employment relationship without notice or prejudice.
There is no minimum period of employment guaranteed or implied by acceptance of an employment
offer. It is the policy of ACCT Philly that all positions are governed by the needs of the agency, which
means that employment is “at will” and for no specified term. Either ACCT Philly or the employee may
terminate employment at any time.

This is a full time job

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Summer Dolder
Director of Operations

Closing Date: Wednesday, June 30, 2021

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