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Under general direction, is responsible for the investigation of cruelty complaints and enforcement of the City's ordinances and State's laws concerning cruelty to animals and other criminal activities related to Animal Care Services. Working conditions are primarily outside with frequent exposure to temperature extremes. May be exposed to dangerous persons, firearms, and bodily fluids. May exercise functional supervision over assigned staff.
Responds to and investigates complaints of animal cruelty and neglect to any animal.
Obtains search and seizure warrants; works with local law enforcement in the execution of warrants.
Provides information and educates the general public of the City and State's Animal Cruelty statutes.
Maintains accurate logs, records and case files of complaints responded to and disposition.
Prepares cases by organizing and gathering evidence for civil and criminal cases. Including but not limited to documentation of animals,conducting interviews of witnesses and owner, obtaining photographic or video evidence, audio recordings, veterinarian's medical reports, maintain and document chain of custody and the transportation of animals impounded or seized as evidence in alleged cruelty to animal complaints for trial.
Testifies in court.
Develops and maintains positive communications and working relationships with City Departments, outside agencies and organizations and law enforcement personnel.
Enforces ordinances and laws pertaining to animals and cruelty to and neglect of animals.
Verifies ownership identification by researching and utilizing a variety of databases to confirm accuracy.
Researches property and utility records to obtain accurate ownership identification.
Issues citations to animal owners for municipal code violations.
Investigates complaints for properties containing a large scale collection of animals, notifying Adult Protective Services, and Code Compliance of related violations.
Inspects all animal-selling facilities to ensure City license requirements are met.
Informs the general public of all Pet Codes and City Ordinances pertaining to animal care and handling.
Lifts and carries animals weighing up to 50 pounds to secure in cages, transportation vehicles or place on examination tables, and assists with team lifts for animals weighing over 50 pounds.
Handles abused animals investigates/inspects through variety of means which may require reaching, walking, running, twisting, and/or kneeling.
Communicates with dispatch and/or supervisor through the use of two- way radio and office equipment to provide or receive instructions and directions.
Accurately and thoroughly enters animal information into software management system for each call responded to.
Assists in training new personnel.
Performs related duties and fulfil responsibilities as required.

This is a full time job

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