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The mission of the Lawrence Humane Society (LHS) is to nurture the human-animal bond by providing shelter, care, and advocacy for homeless and vulnerable animals, as well as resources for the people and pets in our community. The Lawrence Humane Society realizes pet homelessness affects our entire community and as part of the mission, seeks to support pet owners in crisis. We believe in respecting and supporting the pet and pet owner and seek to create a work culture that promotes compassion, innovation, and excellence.

At a time when animal control field services is undergoing a renaissance, challenging commonly held views on the role of punitive enforcement, mandatory impoundment, proposing new approaches to solving noncompliance in the community, the Animal Services Supervisor is a critical new role within the organization.

The Animal Services Manager provides innovative leadership, both external and internal, regarding the Lawrence Humane Society’s role and responsibilities in enforcing relevant local ordinances and state statutes related to animals. This position will help usher in a new understanding of what “success” looks like when enforcement officers work to encourage compliance over punishment for violations of animal-related offenses. They will work both in the field as a Animal Services Officer and work collaboratively with Community Caseworkers within the Pet Resource Center, ensuring support programs are utilized to ensure compliance. This position partners closely with the Senior Manager of Community Support Services and Animal Welfare Counsel to build a field services model committed to compliance and equity within our community.

The position is subject to the common risks of animal control enforcement and care. Work is performed in accordance with local ordinances and state statutes.

The Animal Services Supervisor reports to the Senior Manager of Community Support Services, and supervises 1 part-time Animal Services Officer.

Field Work
- Receive and respond to requests for animal control service(s), including but not limited to aiding residents in the compliance of animal control regulations, capturing and confining of stray animals and attempting to locate and return animals to the owners prior to impoundment, rescuing injured and diseased animals and impounding (when necessary) dangerous or potentially dangerous animals.
- Treat all animals humanely, properly and with compassion at all times.
- Provide community outreach and engagement with residents to provide information on proper pet care and control including spay/neuter, welfare concerns, and related ordinances and regulations.
- Maintain records of various impounds, road activities, investigations, etc.
- Conduct investigations and issues citations (when appropriate) for violations of local (county) ordinances.
- Testify in administrative hearings or district court, when compliance efforts fail against owners who disregard or violate ordinances.
- Operate a company vehicle in carrying out field duties.
- Maintain all assigned equipment to ensure cleanliness and proper functioning.
- Work with leadership to ensure that LHS is consistently working to ensure compliance with local ordinances and state statutes.
- Manage data, ensuring that the appropriate data is collected and is relevant in supporting goals. Create and run reports, analyze data, and utilize data analysis to update current policies, programming or develop new policies on enforcement.
- Maintain a knowledge of pet-related issues (behavior, medical, handling, etc.) and resources, as well as human/social service issues (houselessness, immigration, mental health issues, poverty, racial inequity) and resources.
- Maintain a knowledge of safe capture of all types of animals.
- Proactively engage with community agencies working on compliance and public safety.
- Develop and implement creative and innovative strategies for response to complaints to better meet the needs of the community, integrating proven techniques from other animal control agencies for increased effectiveness.
- Plan and implement events with Senior Manager of Community Support Services that achieve compliance for animal owners.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
- Ensure that all interactions, processes, and procedures meet the organizational DEI lens.
- Work with the Executive Director to establish an organizational ethos of non-judgmental service to the Douglas County community.
- Work collaboratively with community members and partner organizations to look closely at the reasons pet owners are in violation of animal ordinances, so that root causes and potential solutions can be identified.
- Increase outreach to communities historically underserved and lacking relationships with LHS. Build and strengthen trusted relationships with all members of the community.

Organizational Leadership, Strategy Development, and Ethos Adherence
- Stay up to date and involved in animal welfare, animal control/field services, and human service initiatives on a local and national level in order to identify gaps in service provision, enhancing public safety, building community partnerships, and ensuring resident compliance with local ordinances and state statutes.
- Assist leadership to recruit, hire, train, supervise, and evaluate one part-time Animal Services Officer, ensuring proper policies and procedures are followed consistently. Provide additional training and development; address challenges as needed.
- Work with the Senior Manager of Community Support Services and Animal Welfare Counsel to develop Animal Services SOPs, goals and objectives, schedules and budget.
- Monitor progress towards Animal Services goals on an ongoing basis. Work with Animal Welfare Counsel to adjust processes for greater effectiveness on a micro and macro level.
- Work with the Senior Manager of Community Support Services and Animal Welfare Counsel to identify and troubleshoot challenges in the day-to-day running of programs.
- Work collaboratively with other departments to ensure staff are cross-trained, feel confident supporting one another in their work duties, and understand the ecosystem functioning of LHS.
- Provide narratives, programmatic ideas, and budgets for grants and other funding opportunities.
- Work with Animal Welfare Counsel in collaboration with department managers and senior management team to facilitate the timely flow of animals impounded by Animal Services through LHS.
- When not responding to calls, work on ways to promote the preventative approach/model to the community we serve.
- Identify need in the community and work in collaboration with Senior Manager of Community Supportive Services and the Social Worker to address unmet needs.
- Work in collaboration with Animal Welfare Counsel and Senior Manager of Community Supportive Services to innovate new models of enforcement.

- High School Diploma or equivalent. A college degree is not required but is considered a plus.
- Two years of supervisory experience of 1 or more employees.
- Two years of customer service experience.
- Experience working in community outreach, social service, and/or social justice nonprofit field preferred.
- Experience in a kennel, shelter or veterinary setting preferred.
- Experience navigating conversations about race, gender, immigration, disability, socioeconomic status, housing, and other issues around privilege and equity.
- Valid driver’s license and safe driving record.
- Have a basic understanding of Microsoft Suite, Shelter Database, Database Analytics & Collection within the first 90 days of employment.
- Must be able to complete coursework and pass certification exam for National Animal Control (NACA) ACO Basics I & II Certification within the first quarter of 2022.
- Must be able to complete in-house training program.
- Strong written and oral communication skills and appropriate self-confidence and maturity so as to effectively communicate the vision, mission, and work of LHS to all community members, as well as in a manner inspiring to staff, board, donors and volunteers.
- Willingness to work any shift, including weekends and holiday (including limited notice response for emergencies and disaster response).

- Proven track record of being intentionally inclusive and welcoming, particularly with communities different than one’s self.
- Evident desire to serve both people and pets; demonstrating compassion for animals and people, sometimes in emotionally difficult and complex situations, without judgment.
- Ability to set and meet goals and balance multiple projects, possessing strong time management and organizational skills.
- Effective, experienced, and confident public speaker.
- Proficiency in Microsoft Office. Ability to learn how to use new software, platforms, and applications to efficiently and effectively manage information.
- Goal-driven, holding self and others accountable to department and organizational goals, with effective skills at prioritizing and redirecting activities to achieve the desired outcomes.
- Highly developed critical thinking skills and a focus on consistent process improvement.
- Ability to work independently and as part of a team.
- Effective use of deescalate techniques in tense/emotionally charged situations.

An ideal candidate will embody the following characteristics:
- Maturity in articulating personal needs, wants, perspectives.
- Tact and courtesy in explaining proper animal care and animal control regulations to animal owners and the general public.
- Engagement and actively listening when communicating with others so that others feel heard and understood.
- Ability to remain pleasant and calm in a high stress environment.
- Working knowledge of, or ability to learn, relevant laws and ordinances related to animal control.
- Highly strategic, never losing sight of the big picture.
- Independent judgment and initiative in application of the law.
- Handling animals of all temperaments, species, breeds, and sizes in a humane and safe manner.
- Ability to work with animals of unknown disposition and animals who may exhibit medical and/or other problems, including aggressive tendencies.
- Ability to use the equipment and physical means necessary for the purpose of capturing and caring for animals.
- Ability to record and maintain accurate records concerning daily activities, calls and investigations.
- Ability to communicate effectively in oral and written forms.
- Works with minimal supervision and direction.
- Willingness to cross-train and support other team members or departments as needed.

- Ability to handle domestic, exotic, wildlife, and animals with dangerous or unknown temperament.
- Exposure to animals and all risks associated with animal contact including bites, scratches, dander, parasites, infectious/zoonotic diseases, strong odors and fumes from caustic chemicals, and animal waste.
- Periodic exposure to ill and deceased animals in the course of work.
- Regular contact with upset and emotional individuals.
- Physically able to operate a variety of machinery and equipment including a motor vehicle, two-way radios, hand tools, animal traps, etc.
- Changing work environment with a shared work space.
- Work in a stationary position for extended periods of time using a computer.
- Use of company vehicle to perform work in the field, in all weather conditions.
- Considerable time communicating with the public.
- Exposure to high noise levels.
- Traverse the facility and grounds as well as the field for extended periods of time performing labor that may include walking (with and without animals weighing up to 150 pounds), reaching with hands and arms, climbing and balancing, stooping, kneeling, crouching and/or crawling, lifting up to 50 pounds without assistance and operating various tools and equipment.
- Exposure to wet, cold, and/or humid conditions when working outdoors.

The Lawrence Humane Society believes that our organization is strengthened by the diversity of our staff, and welcome such diversity including race, gender identity or expression, educational attainment, disability, veteran status, and personal experiences. The Lawrence Humane Society encourages applications from people of all cultures, backgrounds, and experiences.

This is a full time job

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