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FLSA Status: Exempt
One of the most impactful things a shelter can do to support its animals is to provide for their mental
and emotional needs through a consistent, data informed behavior program. At ACCT Philly, the Behavior
Assistant is a key member of this newly developing department. By performing and assisting behavioral
assessments and dog play groups, they help create clarity and make recommendations for appropriate
placement and outcome options. And by ensuring all animals receive daily enrichment and exercise, they
help support healthier, happier animals. The Behavior Assistant also plays a role in creating a more
humane organization overall as well, through handling training for other staff and volunteers.

Core Responsibilities
● Perform behavior assessments for shelter animals safely and according to established protocols
● Provide feedback to Behavior Manager and shelter leadership to determine the disposition of
animals for euthanasia or adoption due to behavior reasons
● Train shelter staff and volunteers on animal body language and behavior warning signs, proper
training techniques using positive reinforcement, and enrichment activities
● Assist in animal handling using low stress handling techniques
● Assist with Dogs Playing for Life play groups
● Update and track internal communications regarding animal behavior, including updating white
boards and adding information into records
● Maintain a positive, educational approach with a willingness to listen when dealing with the
public, the staff, and volunteers
● Receive referrals from the Foster Team for assistance with animals in foster care; work with
foster parents to create and implement behavior plans for foster animals
● Assist Adoptions Team with counseling for animals with specific behavioral needs and for
behavioral support of adopted animals
● Counsel and work with the public on issues related to behavioral animal care, always
maintaining a customer-friendly approach
● Lead the enrichment program as assigned, including creating, providing, engaging in in-kennel
and out of kennel enrichment activities
● Create and implement enrichment plans for animals with higher level needs
● Adhere to the department’s philosophy to only use low stress handling techniques and positive
reinforcement methods for training
● Effectively navigate emotionally charged situations with customers, volunteers, and staff
● Work effectively under pressure in a fast-paced and often emotionally challenging environment
● Actively collaborate with other departments
● Other duties and special projects as assigned by Management

Ability to work with dogs of all sizes, in all states of health, and of unknown dispositions in a safe,
effective, and humane manner; embraces the philosophy and science that all dogs are individuals and
that the physical appearance of a dog does not equate to a particular behavioral propensity; ability to
review existing programs and processes, and research and apply best practices; ability to articulate and
present ideas and approaches to saving lives in a respecftul manner; flexibility in schedule and workflow;
ability to coordinate and collaborate with others including employees, volunteers, and rescue partners;
demonstrates a passion for the mission of ACCT Philly; enjoys working with people, including those who
may have a significantly less developed understanding of relevant concepts; able to lift and carry up to
fifty (50) pounds

Education and Work Experience
High school diploma or GED required, previous experience in progressive, responsible animal sheltering
or animal rehabilitation and modification a plus

Work Environment
ACCT Philly is open to the public 10am to 6pm every day of the week, and may have as many as 300
interactions with the public in a given day, including with volunteers and rescue partners. The shelter
operates at a fast pace and experiences rapid turnover of patients. While performing the duties of the
job, employees are frequently exposed to odors and high levels of noise.

This is a full-time position, averaging a minimum of eight (8) hours per day, forty (40) hours per week.
Work schedule including days and hours may vary according to the needs of the organization, may
include weekends, nights, and holidays. This position is FLSA exempt. This is a non-Union position.
$32,000 annually, plus benefits package, paid time off
Immediate Supervisor: Behavior Manager

This is a full time job

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Allyson Sivalls
Behavior Manager

Closing Date: Sunday, September 26, 2021

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