Job Description

Vieques Humane Society and Animal Welfare (VHSAR)
Job Description
Title: Operations Manager
Reports to: Executive Director
Supervises: Kennel staff (6-8 part time), Clinic team (2-3 part time vet techs and assistants), Maintenance staff, Office Assistant, volunteers/fosters
FLSA status: Salary, exempt. Includes vacation, sick time, and contribution to health benefits
Location: This is a full-time position that requires residence full-time in Vieques, Puerto Rico

Duties and Responsibilities

• Become familiar with all VHSAR Strategic Plans, budgets, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and the Employee Handbook. Ensure that they are followed.
• Develop systems and materials to ensure staff compliance with sheltering and animal care standards, applicable laws and mandates, and organizational policies.
• Serve as an active advocate and positive spokesperson for VHSAR. Attend meetings and special events to represent the organization, as requested.
• Maintain shelter and clinic inventory. Responsible for oversight of ordering and monitoring all shelter and clinic supplies.
• Maintain equipment inventory. Plan and oversee routine maintenance. Identify equipment replacement needs. Assist with researching costs and logistics for replacement or purchasing new equipment.

• Implement and monitor VHSAR shelter and clinic programs to ensure compliance with Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and the highest standards of humane animal care and handling.
• Maintain the shelter and clinic management system database(s) to keep accurate and complete records of all shelter and clinic animals.
• Conduct a daily shelter walk-through to informally assess staff efficiencies, cleanliness and orderliness of the facilities, health and welfare of shelter animals, and adherence to animal care plans. Resolve outstanding issues.
• Maintain and be responsive to an identified after-hours emergency protocol.
• Coordinate outcomes for all shelter animals, including facilitating adoptions and organizing regular animal transports in partnership with the ED.
• Plan and monitor animal enrichment and behavior modification programs to support animal adoptions and humane sheltering.

• Develop/oversee daily job responsibility and assignments for staff – including veterinarians. Create, maintain, post, and monitor weekly staff and volunteer schedules.
• Responsible for hiring, firing, coaching, evaluations, and training staff.
• Conduct regular meetings with staff to review procedures, discuss workplace issues, and share ideas to improve animal care, the customer service experience, and the organization in general.
• Coordinate and manage an active volunteer program (including recruiting and managing foster families) to support all operational and animal welfare needs of the organization.
• Initiate, coordinate, and supervise special programs with partner organizations.

• Ensure all required operating licenses are current and displayed as required.
• Create and maintain an operations schedule with all deadlines and requirements.
• Ensure a safe work environment—following all safety guidelines and modeling safe work practices.
• Ensure that the shelter and clinic environment are stocked, orderly, and cleaned in compliance with bio-risk management best practices.
• Plan and schedule the maintenance and repair of facilities and vehicles; determine maintenance needs and identify costs associated with planned maintenance and repair programs.
• Research and develop plans for new construction, renovation, and vehicles, as assigned.
• Propose and oversee capital expenditures and projects within the budget.

This is a full time job

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Cate Johnston
Executive Director

Closing Date: Tuesday, August 1, 2023

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