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The Sanctuary Canine Behavior Specialist is a key function of Our Companions mission to do the right thing for animals. This is an assistant manager level position that works closely with the Sanctuary management to guide and enact plans for the behavioral progress of the dogs, as well as assist in instructing the caregiver staff on training techniques.

Reports To: Sanctuary Director
Job Location: Sanctuary, Ashford CT.
Hours and Rate: Full time, Exempt. Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm, some weekends and
evenings required. Schedule is flexible, considering the needs of the dogs’ behavioral plans and staff educational needs. Pay commensurate with experience and certifications.

Primary Job Responsibilities
Work with the Sanctuary canine management to set behavioral plans and guidelines for the dogs.
Work with the canine management team to set educational plans for the staff.
Address fearful, reactive, and aggressive behaviors that may arise in the dogs.
Work on behavioral enrichment with the dogs, according to their behavioral plans.
Work with the caregiver staff and volunteers to advance their behavior knowledge and their ability to apply the behavioral modification plans for the dogs
Utilize Positive Training methods with all dogs including attending training classes and training the dogs off-site and in the community
Provide positive reinforcement behavioral work, exercise, and enrichment activity that evolves throughout their stay at the Sanctuary
Work within Our Companions computer systems including the Sanctuary software program to collect and record data for accurate reports and required records

Secondary Job Responsibilities
Greet visitors in a courteous, and professional manner. And assist with adoptions, if needed.
Provide guidance and training to volunteers.
Drive the OC vehicle to transport animals as needed
General Office duties as needed

Job Qualifications:
Ability to handle and restrain animals, administer medications to animals
Ability to work independently as well as be a team player
High School Diploma required
CPDT-KA or CBCC-KA certified, or American Behavior College graduate (ABCDT), Karen
Pryor Academy certification, or Victoria Stillwell Academy certification and in process
of obtaining the CPDT-KA or CBCC-KA certification within 2 years.
Prior experience with following a Behavioral Modification plan and knowledge of Classical Conditioning principals and Operant Conditioning Quadrants
Prior experience with positive reinforcement training techniques, including but not limited to, Basic Obedience Skills, Systematic Desensitization, Counter Conditioning, and Redirection.
Experience with reactive and aggressive dogs.
Ability to drive a vehicle, and a valid driver’s license required
Possess interpersonal skills as well as oral and written communication skills
Flexibility to attend staff meetings, training seminars, and take on additional hours
including Holidays and weekends as requested

This is a full time job

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Stephanie Montemerlo
Executive Director of Programs

Closing Date: Thursday, June 30, 2022

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