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Our Organization
Ohlone Humane Society is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit that has served the communities of Newark, Fremont, and Union City since 1983. The wildlife center facility is located at 37175 Hickory Street Newark, California, and has been in operation since 1997 taking in over 25,000 animals in need. Approximately 850 injured or orphaned wildlife come into our care annually.
Our wildlife center facility was built from the ground up by community members and OHSWRC volunteers. Our facility has 3 nurseries, 3 waterbird, 8 song bird and raptor, and 3 mammal habitats plus an office and a shared kitchen/exam room. Ohlone Humane Society’s wildlife rehabilitation program serves the public and community by treating injured and orphaned native wildlife, as regulated and authorized under the government agencies and the permits under which we operate. Our organization is funded by community support, grants, memberships, and donations.
The goal is to release these wild animals that come to us by providing them with the best medical and husbandry care possible to prepare them for their return to the wild. We also educate the public and encourage the public to have respect and compassion for all living things that we share this planet with.
✔ Responsible for fostering, developing, and maintaining all professional relationships with other wildlife rehabilitation centers in the area, animal services departments, veterinary professionals in the area, volunteers, the OHS Board of Directors, and most importantly the public and communities we serve.

✔ Train and supervise support staff and all volunteers. Maintain a working environment of professionalism, respect, and positive relationships among staff and volunteers and ensure a high level of customer service is provided to the public.

✔ Develop, maintain, and update protocols and procedures to ensure that all are well communicated between the board of directors, volunteers, and support staff.

✔ Perform medical tasks such as fluid therapy, wound care, injections, and administering medication.

✔ Determine and provide appropriate triage/emergency care, housing/enclosures, and nutrition.

✔ Perform examinations of incoming patients to triage for return to the wild, treatment at the center, or euthanasia.

✔ Provide daily care, housing, and feeding of on-site wildlife.

✔ Excellent basic mathematical skills and the ability to accurately work with units of weight, volume, and concentration.

✔ Pick up and transport injured, or orphaned wildlife as needed.

✔ Must commit to working hours according to the needs of our wildlife patients which may include some homecare.

✔ Must be able to work a flexible schedule to accommodate the influx of animals during spring and summer while assisting with other duties relating to fundraising, community outreach, facility repairs, and upgrades in the fall and winter.

✔ Maintain inventory of supplies needed to operate and order supplies, as necessary.

✔ Maintain daily record keeping of animal patient records.

✔ Compile end-of-year annual reports as required by law and under the conditions of the permits under which we operate.

✔ Keep permits updated and ensure compliance with state and federal regulatory agencies.

✔ Work with local Boy and Girl Scouts on projects to maintain our facility and wildlife gardens.

✔ Collaborate with the Social Media Coordinator posting weekly animal updates.

✔ A college degree in either animal-related science, or 2+ years’ experience as an advanced wildlife rehabilitator
✔ A college degree in biology or veterinary technician training and experience (preferred)
✔ Hands-on experience working with native avian and mammal wildlife
✔ Ability to work in a high-pressure environment
✔ Proof of pre-exposure rabies vaccinations
✔ Euthanasia license
✔ Proof of up-to-date tetanus shot
✔ Valid CA driver’s license and proof of current auto insurance

Physical Demands
The physical demands described here are representative of those required by an employee to successfully perform the functions of the job:
✔ Regularly required to stand, walk, sit, bend, kneel, crouch, climb and reach overhead
✔ Lift up to 40 pounds
✔ Experience in handling large and small wild animals with care and extreme safety
Compensation and Benefits
✔ The Center Manager position is a salary position
✔ Benefits include 3 weeks of paid vacation/sick time
✔ Training & Permit reimbursement
✔ Mileage reimbursement

This is a part time job

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