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Description: The League’s Clinical and Surgical Instructor Veterinarian (CSIV) cultivates learning opportunities for veterinary externs in shelter and community medicine. This position provides direct supervision of externs, including support, consultation, and guidance regarding case management, diagnostics, and surgery with a strong emphasis on HQHVSN. Our externship program provides a two-week rotation in shelter medicine and community practice for fourth year veterinary students from Colorado State University. At the League’s Malone Center, the CSIV joins a team of shelter veterinarians providing high quality care to the over 20,000 pets who move through our three shelters in Colorado. At the League’s Veterinary Hospital at CSU Spur, the CSIV joins a team of veterinarians providing accessible and high-quality veterinary care to under-served communities in Denver using an incremental care approach to medicine. Our next CSIV will be skilled in HQHVSN and community practice, with a passion for helping the next generation of veterinarians fall in love with serving the needs of owned and homeless community pets!

Manage the League’s veterinary externship program, including active instruction, grading, evaluation, and coordination.
Directly supervise, coach and mentor veterinary externs on a day-to-day basis, specifically in their provision of veterinary medicine.
Receive training from CSU veterinary school faculty initially and intermittently thereafter, to ensure a quality and consistent extern experience.
Serve as a liaison between potential externs, veterinary schools, and the League.
Serve as lead advocate and voice for externs within the League’s veterinary services.
Provide outstanding diagnostic, clinical, and surgical care for the shelter animals and owned pets within a spectrum of care in the League’s shelter and community medicine practices.
Perform and teach surgical procedures on a regular basis with an emphasis on HQHVSN. Dentistry, various soft tissue and orthopedic procedures may also be included.
Effectively and compassionately communicate with owners of pets and the community.
Work with other departments to coordinate care and quarantine of infectious disease animals effectively and efficiently.
Cultivate a culture of collaboration, teamwork and learning within veterinary services and throughout the League.
Work in collaboration with the Philanthropy team to support fundraising efforts and campaigns, such as providing impact stories and reports resulting in financial support.
Participate in donor events, meetings, and tours.
Ensure program grant compliance and quality of services and evaluations.
Serve as a veterinary ambassador with community partners, promoting the League’s mission, goals and strategic initiatives including Socially Conscious Sheltering and Animal Communities to veterinarians, vendors, the public, and other animal welfare related organizations.

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Molly Paulson
HR Coordinator

Closing Date: Monday, July 17, 2023

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