Job Description

The primary purpose of the Deputy Dog Warden 2 classification is to enforce Ohio Revised Code (ORC) Chapter 955 within the county and serve as a lead worker.
Job Duties:
Act as lead worker, giving direction and guidance to other employees. Demonstrate a commitment to all aspects of the agency and consistent proficiency as a Deputy Warden. Demonstrate support for the unit, division and department through actions and words. Enforce statutes regulating licensing, ownership and control of dogs. Investigate citizen complaints regarding dogs and conduct investigations of animal bite/scratch cases. Conduct preliminary assessment of sick and injured dogs and impound and transport dogs to Franklin County Dog Shelter, if necessary. Impound and transport dogs, cats, raccoons, bats or other animals when rabies exposure is suspected. Prepare and issue Notices of violation and criminal complaints to dog owners for violations of ORC Chapter 955. Take livestock loss reports. Set and retrieve animal traps as needed. Receive service requests from the Radio Dispatcher. Investigate possible designations of dogs as nuisance, dangerous or vicious by collecting photographic and physical evidence and witness statements.

Patrol assigned area to check for loose dogs and other ORC Chapter 955 violations and assist law enforcement agencies when warrants are served regarding ORC Chapter 955 violations. Check dog license and rabies tags for date and validity. Transport animals to other agencies as needed. Be knowledgeable regarding shelter buddy management software and be able to assist other deputies when needed.
Prepare daily route logs and incident reports. Enter request information into the computer system and retrieve information. Prepare quarantine reports for the County Health Department. Run errands and retrieve supplies for the Department and represent the County as a prosecution witness, when necessary. Serve as a court liaison when the Field Supervisor is not able to do so. Serve as a field training officer for new hire Deputy Wardens. Make sure vehicles are properly cleaned and sanitized by deputies at the end of shifts. Respond to phone messages concerning jobs during their shifts and report to supervisors. Demonstrate leadership and understanding of contemporary supervisor techniques.

Establish public contact to promote community awareness. Function as a Radio Dispatcher in a backup capacity. Perform other related Animal Shelter support as assigned. Perform community relations duties as directed. Monitor radio transmissions during shift and assist deputies as needed. Responsible for contacting management when a job may garner media attention.

These duties are illustrative only and you may perform some or all of these duties or other job-related duties as assigned.

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Minimum Qualifications:
High school diploma or GED with two (2) years previous animal handling experience; or any equivalent combination of training and experience. Previous lead worker experience is required.
Additional Requirements:
Required to maintain a valid Ohio driver's license.

Supervisory Responsibilities
None required.

This is a full time job

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Ellen French
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