Job Description

The Kennel Attendant is responsible for cleaning and providing humane care to the animals in the possession of AAC. Feed animals and clean kennels.
Follow the shelter protocol. Maintain the cleanliness of facility
Assist in preventing shelter disease transmission.
Observe animals for any sign of illness or behavior issues and report to kennel manager.
Create, maintain and file paperwork.
Show animals for visiting customers and assist with adoptions.
Take in, sort and put away donations.
Assist customers by answering questions.
Maintain the organization and cleanliness of the shelter.
Assist other staff members when needed.
Cleaning, maintaining and organizing bedding, dishes, crates, carriers and other shelter property.
Assist with different programs including enrichment, fostering, pet food pantry etc.
Providing enrichment to animals including but not limited to working playgroups.
Provide and assist in behavior modifications to animals when needed.
Providing medications or other treatments to animals as assigned.

This is a full time job

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Kathleen Leary
Executive Director

Closing Date: Tuesday, June 1, 2021

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