Job Description

The Lifesaving Manager ensures that delivery of Lifesaving activities, including adoption, foster and
rescue placements, are delivered effectively, with a focus on proactive and engaging approaches. They
work hands-on with staff to help guide good decision making and enthusiastic interactions with a variety
of stakeholders from first time adopters to skilled fosters and rescue partners including other brick and
mortar shelters; perhaps even more importantly, the Lifesaving Manager does it in a way that meets the
needs of and feels positive and collaborative for all. Working closely with ACCT Philly’s Behavior and
Volunteer Managers, the Lifesaving Manager is the key component to connecting a comprehensive
program rooted in animal welfare best practices to thoughtful implementation, well matched with the
needs of our community.

Core Responsibilities
Staff Supervision
● Responsible for day to day supervision of Lifesaving staff in adoptions, foster and rescue focus
areas, ensuring smooth workflow distribution, adherence to policy, and great customer service
● Train and develop staff so they may effectively deliver services
● Provide real time triage, problem solving, and conflict resolution
● Oversee adoption follow up process and alerting others to possible areas of concern requiring

Program Development
● In conjunction with the Director of Operations, monitor, and report annual goals and metrics,
with a focus on improving from the year prior
● Support development and revision of program policies, ensuring ACCT is up to date on best
practice and a practical approach for our community
● Communicate any programmatic changes to staff and, in coordination with Volunteer Manager,
volunteers as well
● Participate in relevant volunteer training
● Create and implement innovative programming to grow capacity
● Build and implement support structures to provide assistance to people and animals in foster
care, adopters, and, when appropriate, rescues
● Build and increase foster and adopter base in the Philly community
● Cultivate and support positive, mutually supportive and respectful relationships with all

● Oversee new rescue partner application and approval process
● Conduct rescue partner audits as needed
● Create staff schedules; receive and respond to requests for time off
● Oversee cash handling procedures for relevant staff, ensuring compliance and providing
training/accountability where needed
● Participate in special projects as needed
● Other duties as assigned by Leadership
● Perform all duties of departmental staff as needed

Work Environment
ACCT Philly is open to the public 10am to 6pm daily including on weekends and holidays. An employee
may have as many as 300 interactions with the public in a given day, including with volunteers and
rescue partners. The shelter operates at a fast pace, and employees are exposed to odors and high
levels of noise while performing their job.
Passion for the mission of ACCT Philly and an ability to articulate it effectively; strong interpersonal and
organizational skills; enjoys interacting with people from a variety of backgrounds and experiences - is a
“people person”; possesses a personality that is upbeat and engaging; demonstrates maturity and
discretion; confident giving direction; comfortable managing strong, passionate personalities; is aware
of and ideally has practice change management theory; highly motivated self-starter who can work
independently and on a team; able to shift between priorities and activities with ease; able to train
others; demonstrated ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing; demonstrates
flexibility and is willing to adjust work schedule or flow to meet the needs of the organization;
Education and Work Experience
High school diploma or GED required; three (3) years or more of demonstrated increasing responsibility
in client facing roles (eg. retail, hospitality, etc.) required, ideally in an animal sheltering background with
experience in the program areas included in this position; Fear Free Shelter certification a plus; bilingual
a plus
This is a full-time position, averaging a minimum of eight (8) hours per day, forty (40) hours per week.
Work schedule including days and hours may vary according to the needs of the organization, may
include weekends, nights, and holidays. This position is FSLA exempt status. This is a non-Union position.
$45,000-$50,000 annually, plus benefits package, paid time off
Introductory Assessment Period
The introductory assessment period runs from the date of hire for 90 days thereafter. For employment
in any position with ACCT Philly, this introductory assessment period is the period during which the
specifics of the job are learned. During this period, either the employee for ACCT Philly may end the
employment relationship without notice or prejudice.
There is no minimum period of employment guaranteed or implied by acceptance of an employment
offer. It is the policy of ACCT Philly that all positions are governed by the needs of the agency, which
means that employment is “at will” and for no specified term. Either ACCT Philly or the employee may
terminate employment at any time.

This is a full time job

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Summer Dolder
Director of Operations

Closing Date: Wednesday, June 30, 2021

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