Job Description

General Summary:
It is the responsibility of the Ranch Technician to ensure the safety and well-being of all cats, dogs and farm animals residing at the Nuzzles and Co Rescue Ranch. Tasks focus on providing mental and physical stimulation as well as a clean and comfortable living environment for all animal residents. Ranch Technicians are also responsible for safely transporting animals to and from the Adoption Center. All employees of Nuzzles and Co work with the purpose of improving the adoptability of every animal in our program and making matches between a cat or dog and potential adopters. Educates the public about responsible pet ownership and animal regulations and laws.

Essential Job Functions:
-Provide food, water, and exercise for all animals according to the daily schedule.
-Sanitize and clean living areas, indoor and outdoor play areas, and community areas. This includes collecting and disposing of animal waste.
-Be aware of and provide care for any animals requiring special attention
-Inform Ranch Managers of any concerning changes in animal behavior or temperament as soon as they are noticed. Communicate and coordinate with fellow Nuzzles and Co employees and volunteers.
-Load and drive animals in the Nuzzles and Co transport van to and from the Adoption Center and other places as needed.
-Follow all canine and feline training and behavior plans set forth by the Training Manager and Cat Manager.
-Post any and all assets (pictures/videos) that are taken while on the clock onto Basecamp App.
-Assist customers and potential adopters with viewing the animals and answering any questions they might have in a professional manner.
-Administering oral and injectable medication to cats, dogs and farm animals.
-Assist at Adoption Events or other Community Events as needed.
-Assist with intakes or transports of animals to the Rescue ranch as needed and assigned.
-Be committed to a high standard of safety and be willing and able to comply with all safety laws and all of the employer's safety policies and rules. Must be willing to report safety violations and potential safety violations to appropriate supervisory or management personnel.
-All other tasks and duties as assigned.

Additional Duties and Responsibilities:
-Treat all animals humanely with compassion and concern, both on and off the job, and transmit these values to others.
-Maintain the hygiene and general healthy appearance of all animals. This includes bathing, trimming matted fur, and trimming nails.
-Provide a stable and consistent rescue environment by interacting with all animals consistently and with the intention of improving their behavior and demeanor.
-Help to provide all animals with necessary interaction and socialization.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
-Basic animal care knowledge. Preferred: Knowledge of domestic animals including breeds, behavior, appropriate care and housing, common health problems, disease symptoms, and handling techniques.
-Ability to read and comprehend instructions, short correspondence and memos.
-Ability to effectively present information in one on one and small group situations to customers, clients and other employees of the organization.
-Valid Utah Driver's license with a clear driving record for at least one year prior
-Basic computer skills using standard Office programs such as Word or similar programs.
-Valid and functioning point of communication such as a phone number or email address.

Education and Experience:
-High school graduate or GED equivalent.
-Preferred: 6 months related animal care experience and/or training.

Physical Requirements:
-Must be able to routinely lift 40-50 pounds individually;
-Must be able to lift up to 100 pounds with the help of fellow employees;
-Must be able to perform strenuous manual labor;
-Must be able to stand, walk, bend, kneel, stoop and hike frequently to perform duties;
-Must be able to work outdoors in all seasons and weather conditions;
-Must be able to work around both cat and dog dander and allergens.

Working Conditions:
-May be exposed to emotional and/or stressed members of the public. Must be able to deal with a potentially emotion-charged public.
-Carry a fast paced and changing workload which at times can be stressful.
-By nature of the job, there is occasional exposure to dead, injured, sick, unruly, vicious, and/or dangerous animals in addition to exposure to parasites and infectious diseases.
-Must be available and willing to work such weekends, holidays, overtime, and attend mandatory training and meetings as the employer determines are necessary or desirable to meet its business needs.

This is a full time job

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Caroline Murdoch
Director of Operations

Closing Date: Tuesday, August 31, 2021

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