Job Description

Required Experience: 6 months to 2 years
Status: Full Time/ Hourly

Reports directly to Surgery Supervisor and Surgery Assistant Supervisor. Responsible for daily care of all surgical patients, both shelter and public. Provide client services and education. Responsible for assisting in the treatment and medical care of advanced medical cases in the shelter. The following are a list of things that the applicant will or could possibly do on a daily basis:

Principal Duties and Responsibilities
● Follow all written and verbally communicated departmental standard operating procedures
● Assess patients for surgical candidacy through physical examination and auscultation.
● Handle and track controlled substances for large volumes of patients via electronic drug log and monthly inventories
● Efficiently prepares patients for surgery, including pre-medication, induction, and intubation, as well as sterilely prepare surgical sites.
● Capable of monitoring surgical patients during procedures and recovery with a clear idea of abnormal conditions. Able to respond appropriately during an emergency, able to take directions from a veterinarian and direct others during the event, and maintain competency during CPR procedures
● Ensure prompt and accurate paperwork procedures are followed each day
● Assists in monitoring equipment for proper operation (autoclave, digital x-ray, hose units, anesthesia machines, SpO2 monitors, etc.) Capable of learning how to operate all equipment and provide proper maintenance.
● Responsible for all surgical laundry as well as maintaining a daily laundry cycle to ensure proper clean supply is available.
● Assists in maintaining clean kennels throughout the surgery day by removing and replacing soiled newspaper or towels as necessary. Cleans and sterilizes cages before and after surgery according to specific instructions
● Responsible for becoming familiar with the names of surgical instruments used in a spay/neuter practice. Capable of providing equipment to the veterinarian sterilely. Responsible for cleaning instruments and preparing them for further sterilization.
● Responsible for using the ultrasonic cleaner and autoclave machines to clean and sterilize instruments.
● Monitors supply needs and communicates to Supervisor of what is needed in a timely manner
● Identifies problems and notifies Veterinarians, Supervisor, or Assistant Supervisor.
● Performs or assists with the euthanasia of animals by injection as required. If not currently euthanasia certified, must be willing to become so.
● Must support and demonstrate the agency’s core values – Customer Service, Adaptability, Respect, Responsibility and Integrity

Education, Experience, Knowledge, Skills, Abilities
● Client Education
o Provides accurate information and friendly professional service to the public and to co-workers in a positive, courteous, truthful and tactful manner in keeping with the core values of the SAHS.
o Learn and retain the basics of the spay/neuter procedure, including anesthetic risks, and are able to communicate pre- and post-op information to owners in a competent and friendly manner.
o Learn and retain the basics of animal wellness (vaccinations, prevention, basic testing) and are able to
communicate this information to the public effectively.
o Must also be able to communicate basic veterinary concepts to owners and be able to repeat information relayed by a veterinarian
o Will be asked to take medical histories for surgical rechecks and accurately complete post-operative recheck forms
o Stays up-to-date on most recent handouts and paperwork to provide clients and products to offer
● Animal Handling
o Will be asked to handle (on average) 50+ dogs and cats per day
o Must be able to learn characteristics of animal behavior (for example: be able to identify aggressive or fearful behavior)
o Must be able to use appropriate safety equipment for fractious or feral animals (will train)
o Must possess excellent reflexes
o Should be able to identify own limitations and be willing to ask for help
o Must become proficient at animal restraint for various procedures for the safety of co-workers, self, and patients
o Treats all animals humanely, with compassion and concern, both on and off the job and transmits these values to others

● Capable of learning to learn to use the x-ray machines, laser machine, Abaxis blood machines, and water treadmill.
● Performs diagnostic procedures including; collecting blood samples, running basic heartworm and FeLV/FIV combo tests, and examining animals for contagious diseases
● Performs vaccinations and microchipping
● Capable of performing intravenous, intramuscular, and subcutaneous injections
● Capable of placing an intravenous catheter and running an IV fluid pump if required
● Must be committed to a high standard of safety and be willing and able to comply with all safety laws and all of the
employer’s safety policies and rules and must be willing to report safety violations and potential safety violations to
appropriate supervisory or management personnel
● Any other duties as assigned

Physical / Emotional Requirements of the Job
● Physical Requirements
o Must be able to work standing or sitting for 10 or more hours
o Must be able to lift and carry up to 50 pounds repeatedly throughout the day with help
o Must be able to bend, stoop, and kneel repeatedly
o Must be able to see fine detail in a variety of situations
o Must have reasonable degree of agility to move through tightly cramped areas in various situations
o Must have good range of motion in joints especially wrist, knees, elbows
o Must have good range of motion in your back for twisting etc.

● Emotional / Mental Requirements
o Must be able to work under stressful conditions and work efficiently and effectively under those conditions
o Must be able to respond quickly to a variety of medical situations (with training)
o Must be able to cope with death due to surgical complication or euthanasia
o Ability to rapidly and accurately process information
o Ability to delegate tasks and accept those delegated
o Ability to recognize a need for assistance and ask for help
o Ability to work independently with minimal supervision and as part of team.
o Capable of problem-solving and conflict resolution.
o Ability to make decisions
o Ability to cope with frustrating situations and remain calm

Work Environment
● Job may require performance of tasks that involve potential for exposure to blood, body fluids, or tissues, animal and human
● Potential for exposure to zoonotic diseases
● Exposure to high noise levels when in kennel area
● Potential for animal bites and scratches while handling pets
● May be expected to work weekends, holidays, and off hours
● Candidate must be flexible with schedule changes and short notice overtime requests.

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