Job Description

Job Description
Located in Columbus, GA, Animal Ark Rescue is looking for a like-minded veterinarian to join our team and support our mission of making a difference in the surrounding communities’ underserved pets and people. We are a no-kill animal welfare organization that has been saving lives in the Chattahoochee Valley and surrounding areas since 2011. We are a progressive organization that is willing to go above and beyond to save as many animals as possible. We are transitioning to a new facility, and you will have a unique opportunity to help grow our community outreach and support center from the ground up!

Our new facility will house a full-service animal hospital, adoptions, human-animal support services, and compassionate staff. We plan to offer advanced diagnostic features, including digital radiography (and dental X-rays), surgical suite, and more. We are growing closer to our ultimate goal of providing thorough, exceptional, and accessible care to our community’s companion pets as well as the shelter pets in our care.

Our team is composed of supportive and dedicated individuals, working together to support a common goal of saving lives and keeping pets in our community in their loving, forever homes. We offer a wide array of programs and services to the community and animals. These services include: animal sheltering, pet adoptions, lost & found, low-cost vaccination clinics, volunteer/foster opportunities. We wish to promote a positive culture of mutual respect and support. As part of the team at Animal Ark Rescue, you can dedicate your efforts to serving animals both in our care at the shelter, and in the surrounding community.

Our efforts are pivotal in providing access to veterinary care to needs-based communities that need it most. We would like to offer a range of reduced-cost, quality medical services from primary wellness care and high volume/high-quality sterilizations to underserved populations not being met by traditional reduced-cost clinics in the state.

It is also our goal to give our clients options that fit their lifestyle and financial means. We believe our clients are our friends and customers, and we value their continued trust and goodwill. Courtesy and patience with clients and their pets are our priorities.

Not only do we think our clients and patients are essential, we believe our associates and support staff are vital to the growth and wellbeing of this practice. The work is rewarding, focusing on serving people and pets.

We are seeking:
*A collaborative leader with experience in shelter medicine programming who is firmly committed to life saving practices through positive outcomes: open adoption, fostering, behavior management, transfer, public pet retention, etc.
*A professional who is well versed in current best practices and veterinary protocols within a shelter environment, possesses experience overseeing a veterinary team, program management, community development and outreach, and demonstrated ability to partner with community stakeholders.
Someone who will view the role as a privilege to provide quality care to our community's animals, with compassion and competence.
*Under the administrative direction of the Director, performs veterinary work involved in inspection, investigation, diagnosis, prevention, control, treatment, and eradication of contagious and infectious diseases of animals; and performs related work as required.

Examples Of Duties:
Duties may include but are not limited to the following:
• Supervises assigned staff.
• Maintains veterinary medical facility.
• Provides medical and surgical care for sick and injured animals; examines all impounded animals for illness or injury; supervises and may perform high quality/high volume spay and neuter procedures;
• Advises the public and department employees on matters within the field of veterinary medicine;
• Orders and maintains supplies and equipment needed in the veterinary facility;
• Estimates veterinary requirements for the department budget; manages and maintains veterinary purchase orders;
• Counsels pet owners on medical conditions, procedures, and/or treatment of animals and explains possible complications;
• Supervises and maintains proper electronic medical records, controlled substance inventory, and logs;
• Ensures and maintains vaccination and cleaning protocols for herd health of all species impounded in shelter;
• Formulates and administers various policies and programs which deal with animal/mammal protection and health matters, often in coordination with other private and public organizations;
• Performs other related duties as required.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

Thorough knowledge of: the most current veterinary practices relating to the treatment and cure of injured and sick animals; State, Federal and local laws and ordinances pertaining to the humane treatment of animals; principles and practices of current veterinary medicine, including disease identification, prevention, control and eradication.

Thorough skills to: perform proper diagnosis and procedures; prepare technical reports; analyze critical situations accurately and take decisive and effective action.

Comprehensive abilities to: plan, organize, direct, train and develop subordinate personnel; work with a minimum of supervision; keep informed of the latest developments and methods, techniques, equipment and facilities in veterinary medicine; serve as liaison to advise and/or resolve differences with other public agencies, community organizations and the general public; effectively communicate verbally and in writing.

*Georgia DVM (required before start date)

This is a full time job.

Salary Range: $70,000-$90,000

This is a full time job

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Sabine Stull

Closing Date: Friday, October 22, 2021

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