Job Description

Veterinary Assistant


Under the direction of a veterinarian, assists in the provisions of basic care for animals in the shelter by providing support to the licensed veterinary technicians and
veterinarians. Performs initial screening examinations, documents medical findings, and administer a variety of medical treatment. Facilitates accurate and timely data entry, including photographic documentation as needed. Administers topical and oral medications, bathe and groom animals, and provide direct assistance to veterinary medical staff as otherwise directed. Ensures basic maintenance tasks are performed in a timely fashion to ensure smooth functioning of the department.

This position is based within the medical department at a specific ACC location but flexibility to work at other locations may occasionally be required.


Medical and nursing care (60%)

Provide safe and effective restraint for all procedures
Medicate animals orally and/or topically
Learn and understand basic pharmacology including abbreviations, medications, and their purpose
Assist with all aspects of surgery – pre, intra, and postoperatively
Obtain basic vitals of hospitalized animals when directed and notify veterinarians when outside of the normal parameters
Assist in performing and obtaining diagnostics (radiographs, blood work, cultures, etc.)
Assist in feeding and other basic husbandry care of animals
Implant microchips as needed

Operational and administrative support (25%)

Under the direction of a veterinarian, accurately document medical exam findings, vaccinations, medications, surgery information and treatments in Shelter Buddy medical records
Facilitate transfer of animals from intake or medical areas and into appropriate housing
Work cooperatively with ACC volunteers and partners and all departments.
Communicate effectively, cordially, and promptly within and outside of the department

Housekeeping and maintenance (15%)

Clean medical areas, kennels and cages as needed
Maintain handling and restraint equipment
Assist in stocking and maintenance of adequate inventory

Other (5%)

Required to obtain ACC-provided euthanasia certification in order to perform the humane euthanasia of animals when needed
Other duties as assigned by veterinary team management staff


Must be 21 years of age or older. Eligibility for and willingness to apply for certification as a euthanasia technician. Good written and oral communication skills and basic computer skills, including a basic understanding of medical terminology. Dependable, reliable, and efficient. Must be able to lift at least 50 pounds and stand for prolonged periods of time.

Education and Work Experience

High school diploma or GED. Some college preferred. Minimum 12 months previous experience working with animals in a veterinary or shelter setting.

Work Environment

The employee will regularly be exposed to the following: potentially zoonotic diseases (including rabies), aggressive animals, loud noises (e.g. barking dogs), odors and airborne particles, including animal fur and toxic chemicals. The noise level in the environment is very loud. Must be able to lift up to 50 pounds.

Examination, restraint, and treatment of a high number of animals is physically and emotionally demanding. Euthanasia is performed in the facility and performing euthanasia is a specific job task for this position.

Reports To: Veterinary Team Manager

Overtime: This position is eligible for overtime.

This is a full time job

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