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SUMMARY The Veterinary Nurse will be primarily responsible for assisting the veterinarians, managers and customer service staff in all duties relating to the veterinary care of animals in the wellness clinic. These responsibilities will vary with the current needs of the clinic, the season of the year, the facility location, and the individual abilities demonstrated by the employee.
• Assist the veterinarian in the wellness clinic with physical examinations of walk in and follow up appointments, data entry of medical records, filling prescriptions, performing diagnostic work and any/all requested technical duties.
• Ensure a continuous flow of patients; load exam tables, obtain a complete patient history and discharge patients.
• Perform technical duties during vaccination clinics and technician appointments including vaccinations, microchipping, nail trims and oral/topical medication administration.
• Performing and assisting with euthanasia.
• Perform laboratory tests (blood work, fecal exams, etc), complete forms for out-of-house laboratory
• Maintain a clean and presentable working area, clean examination rooms, stock supplies, perform maintenance on diagnostic equipment
• Exceptional customer service skills, treat people and animals with respect; contribute to effective teamwork; and foster public relations beneficial to the Pennsylvania SPCA and its programs; promote a humane and caring attitude toward all animals and treat all animals humanely, properly and with compassion at all times, regardless of circumstances including those that are sick, injured, feral or aggressive.
• Read and interpret medical records to determine vaccination status and medication needs.
• Ability to work efficiently and effectively in a busy, team environment
• Enthusiasm for and interest in continuing education
• Work courteously and cooperatively with staff and volunteers to ensure that all established procedures and policies of the Pennsylvania SPCA are followed; follow established procedures governing safe work practices including, but not limited to, wearing protective clothing and/or equipment when necessary; perform duties in a manner which encourages attainment of goals, contributions and business for the Pennsylvania SPCA and its programs.
• Assist when needed in the shelter, surgery or other department or location.
• Perform all duties of veterinary nursing assistant as required.
• The intent of this job description is to provide a representative and level of the types of duties and responsibilities that will be required of positions given this title and shall not be construed as a declaration of the total of the specific duties and responsibilities of any particular position. Employees may be directed to perform job-related tasks other than those specifically presented in this description.

• Medication administration: oral, topical, aural, ocular, subcutaneous and intravenous.
• Equipment use: fluid pump, centrifuge, refractometer, heating pads, pulse ox ecg, cbc/chem machine, microscope, glucometer and nebulizer.
• Patient Monitoring: TPR/CRT/MM color assessment, anesthetic depth, heart rate, pulse quality, maintaining charts properly, post surgical assessment, hydration.
• Medical Care: feeding amounts, cleanliness, minor wound bandaging, suture/staple removal, ear cleaning/flushing, triage patients and therapeutic bathing
• Client/Patient care: review discharge instructions with owner, demonstrate routes of medication to owner, answer basic client questions, obtain history from client for healthy animals, follow-up calls with owners.
• Medical Records: scan in and attach medical records, update records for weights, data, pictures, properly log history and client communication and enter notes as directed by veterinarian.
• Pharmacology: prescription labels, proper routes of administration, proper handling and storage of drugs, can convert mg dosing to ml volume for treatment, dose calculations, reconstitute and label IV properly.
• Medical Terminology: vaccine protocols, parasite preventives, retrovirus risks and testing protocol and heartworm testing protocol
• Laboratory skills: read direct fecal float and smear, read fecal cytology, read skin scrape, read urine sediment, set up blood smear and stain, set up/read gram stains of ear/skin samples, knowledge of blood tubes, perform PCV/TS, able to run dilution for chem machine when needed, run snap screen for combo, 4dx, parvo etc., prepare antech/idexx forms and samples.
• Radiology Skills: develop radiographs, understand radiology safety, know how, why and where to measure, handling of cassettes and film, provide diagnostic xrays, stock and maintain equipment and supplies.
• Surgical skills: CPR, reversal drugs and doses, anesthesia/monitoring skills, knowledge of anesthesia machine operation, knowledge of appropriate size ET tube, O2bag, O2 line, understand the need for exhaust, proper use of heating pad when indicated, maintain sodasorb and isoflorane/sevoflorane chambers, proper cleaning and disinfection techniques, aseptic technique/sterile procedures, names and uses of surgical instruments, surgical assisting, proper extubation of patients and understanding of “tank” induction.
• Patient restraint: restraint of non-fractious and fractious or fearful animals for vaccines/injections, cephalic blood draw, anal gland/ear assessment and microchipping.
• Dentistry skills: identify and stage dental disease, aware of canine and feline dental formula, can teach owners proper home care and perform dental cleaning/polishing.

• Minimum High School diploma or GED required; some college, trade, vocational school, college or further education preferred.
• Must be proficient using computer. Knowledge of Internet, Microsoft Word and Excel required, knowledge of Pet Point Animal Management System, Cornerstone software and web based software a plus.
• CVT or minimum of three years experience in the veterinary field working as a veterinary assistant or technician.

• Ability to problem solve and work cooperatively in a team environment; affection for animals and concern for their welfare.
• Comfort and ability to work humanely with animals of unknown disposition and those who may exhibit medical and other problems, as well as aggressive tendencies.
• Ability to accommodate varied work assignments and schedules.
• Ability to communicate skillfully and effectively with a culturally diverse staff, volunteers and community in a professional, pleasant, respectful, courteous and tactful manner at all times.
• Maturity, good judgment and professional personal appearance including the wearing of neat and clean uniforms.
• Physical strength and ability to lift and carry a pet or other object weighing up to fifty (50) pounds without assistance; must be able to assist in lifting patients or other objects weighing more than fifty (50) pounds.


HOURS FLSA STATUS: EXEMPT POSITION Minimum of 8 hours per day, 40 hours per week. Daily hours and days of the week may vary according to the needs of the department schedule. Includes weekends, night, holiday and on-call work.
INTRODUCTORY ASSESSMENT PERIOD The introductory assessment period runs from the date of hire for three months thereafter.
EMPLOYMENT There is no minimum period of employment guaranteed or implied by acceptance of an employment offer.

The Pennsylvania SPCA is an equal opportunity employer.

This is a full time job

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