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This is technical work in the maintenance of kennel facilities to include: care and feeding of sheltered animals, performance of related clerical and customer support work, providing support to veterinarians and veterinary technician supervisor in routine medical, surgical, and/or necropsy procedures. Work requires knowledge of techniques, methods, and procedures used in the care of animals and maintenance of kennel facilities which involves the use of specialized skills which are acquired through a combination of training and considerable on the job experience. Contacts with others require skills in understanding and influencing people, which are important as it relates to animal care issues including skills of persuasiveness, assertiveness, and sensitivity to others point of view that are required to influence behavior, change an opinion, or turn a situation around. Work schedule involves some weekend, holidays, and rotating shifts. Work is semi-routine in that tasks are covered by procedures or precedents, but some latitude is permitted to consider the most appropriate method, technique, or procedure to follow. Work is performed in field, kennel, and office environments, where there are some risks and hazards due to the handling of ill and infectious animals, and exposure to offensive odors, chemicals, and other airborne nuisances. Operates laboratory and standard office equipment such as personal computer, two-way radio, euthanasia equipment, animal restraint equipment and cash register. Operates a motor vehicle. The physical demands consist mainly of standing, walking, transporting animals, and lifting animals and/or objects weighing more than 50 pounds. Work is performed under general supervision where the work assignments are varied and, although subject to standard practices and procedures, the worker is permitted some latitude to set own priorities subject to superior’s approval.

Examples of Work
Administers basic medical treatments under the direction of a veterinarian
Takes vital signs of animals.
Knows proper procedure for cleaning and disinfecting different areas of the shelter to ensure the health and well-being of the animal population.
Feeds and cares for critical animals in the medical areas.
Retrieves, restrains, and assist with medical examinations of animals.
Utilizes and maintains laboratory equipment.
Performs radiographs.
Prepares, maintains, and retrieves records, reports and detailed and accurate medical histories of animals housed at facility using a personal computer.
Maintains inventory of medications, medical equipment, medical supplies, food, cleaning, and care supplies.
Provides customer assistance and information concerning animals and adoption policies.
Depending on assignment, collects redemption and adoption fees and maintains records of monies collected.
Draws blood, prepares & handle lab specimens and performs routine lab tests.
Reports to work location during emergency circumstances such as actual and anticipated natural and man-made disasters.
Operates laboratory and standard office equipment such as person computer using word, spreadsheet, database and other related software, two-way radio, euthanasia equipment, animal restraint equipment and cash register.
Operates a motor vehicle.
Demonstrates proficiency in the City of Jacksonville’s competencies.
Performs related work as required.
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
Knowledge of medical terminology, abbreviations, and orders.
Knowledge of the City’s Customer Service Policy.
Knowledge of the drug names, classes, and general uses.
Knowledge of euthanasia practices and procedures.
Skill in the use of animal care equipment and materials.
Ability to draw blood, take temperature and other vitals in a low stress manner.
Ability to administer medication orally, intravenously, subcutaneously.
Ability to perform euthanasia as taught by the FACA approved class and in compliance with the ACPS euthanasia protocol.
Ability to read, comprehend, and follow written and verbal instructions in English.
Ability to make careful visual observations including clinical signs of illness, behavior concerns, age, and spay/neuter status of animals.
Ability to collect and record technical data relating to animal care using a personal computer.
Ability to perform basic arithmetical calculations, including whole numbers and decimals.
Ability to safely and humanely lift, handle, or restrain animals, including injured, fractious, and non-socialized animals, weighing 50 pounds or more which may be of an unpredictable, potentially dangerous nature.
Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with others.
Ability to communicate effectively.
Ability to operate laboratory and standard office equipment such as person computer using word, spreadsheet, database and other related software, two-way radio, euthanasia equipment, animal restraint equipment, and cash register.
Ability to operate a motor vehicle.
Open Requirements/Supplemental Information
Two years of education and/or technical experience in biology, animal husbandry, herd management, animal handling/care, veterinary technician, pre-med or pre-veterinary, medical, phlebotomy or laboratory technician experience.
Successfully passing the Veterinary Technician National Exam (VTNE) to become certified as a Veterinary Technician may be substituted for six months of experience.

Euthanasia Technician Certification must be obtained prior to completion of probation.
A valid driver's license is required prior to appointment and must be maintained during employment in this class.

This is a full time job

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