Leaders who create work environments that fully support diverse identities have to be not only safe but brave. Inclusive organizations build cultures of psychological safety, in which all members feel safe and encouraged to share their honest ideas, opinions, and concerns without fear of being ridiculed or punished. When we have that kind of safety we can build brave spaces, in which individuals can engage in courageous conversations about uncomfortable topics, can dissent respectfully, and can challenge systems that impede progress toward diversity, equity, and inclusion for all.

In this session, we will explore some of the nuances between safe spaces and brave spaces, and identify skills and actions for leaders to create thriving environments that are both safe and brave. Leaders who wish to establish an inclusive work environment will especially benefit from this webinar.

Presenter: Jasmin M. Robinson, Director of DEI Initiatives, The Association for Animal Welfare Advancement

This webinar has been pre-approved for:

1 Certified Animal Welfare Administrator continuing education credit
1 CE towards ACO CE requirements per Ch. 829 of the Texas Health and Safety Code by the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS)

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