Many people who choose to work with animals – in shelters, clinics and other venues – sheepishly or proudly confide that they like animals more than people. The reality is, however, that protecting and caring for animals is only half the job. Working well with people is the unexpected, and sometimes challenging, other half. Recognizing that dealing with people in animal facilities can be emotionally difficult, this webinar will help participants understand the basic needs of customers, and what interactions are likely to create tension or anger in an encounter. It will give examples of how to bring positive energy to each interpersonal exchange; will help participants understand how “Ego 101” factors in, and will examine three “hot tips” for beginning and maintaining a sane, satisfactory relationship with customers so that the goal of ensuring animals’ welfare is met.


  • Jan Elster, M.A. | Independent Consultant, Organizational Development and Change, assisting Animal Welfare and Animal Protection Groups