Animal welfare has a messaging problem. Current messaging can stoke divisions amongst those who work in animal welfare and between us and members of the communities we serve. There is an increasing focus on access to care and programming to support the human-animal bond, but we use words and stories that hold us back. Everyday narratives undermine our efforts to help people and their pets together and contribute to an epidemic of burnout in animal welfare and sheltering.

When we change our messaging, we can tell a different story and shift from harmful narratives and beliefs to those that create connection, collaboration, and, ultimately, better programs. In this session, we explore why messaging challenges are happening, how they shape the realities we experience every day, and what we can do about it. You will hear about SPARC (Supporting People and Animal Relationships for Change) and the program’s messaging principles and practices that can help us do our most impactful work for people and animals.


Alison Fotsch Kleibor, CAWA, President & CEO, Wisconsin Humane Society
Brad Shear, CAWA, CEO, Potter League for Animals
Hanna Lentz, Co-Founder, Impact by Design (IbD)

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