Join a conversation about the importance of planning for a disaster event in your community before you and your agency are thrust into a response. The panel will discuss:

Identifying the role that you, your agency and your partners will play during a response
The process of developing a disaster plan
Policy updates that may inform or guide how you respond, including The PREPARED Act, updates on AWA contingency rules, and state developments
The importance of training, equipment, partnerships, and structure during a disaster response, including Incident Command System (ICS)
Moderated by Jim Tedford, CAWA, CEO & President, The Association for Animal Welfare Advancement

The Roundtable Guests:
Tim Rickey, Vice President, Field Investigations & Response, ASPCA
Tim Perciful, Manager, Disaster Response, ASPCA
Susan Anderson, Director, Disaster Response, ASPCA
Andrew Binovi, Senior Manager, Federal Legislation, ASPCA

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