The data from Shelter Animals Count tells us shelters are full right now because there have been more animals entering shelters than leaving them for the past 5 months straight. Traditional methods for alleviating shelter crowding, including transport, are proving difficult to implement due to staffing and volunteer shortages, decreased funding, and other roadblocks.

Animal transport, at its most basic level, is a supply and demand equation. However, there is much more to consider when establishing a successful transport program that benefits communities, adopters, over-crowded source organizations, destination organizations, and most importantly, companion animals. This exclusive roundtable conversation will explore the current challenges of companion animal transport and discuss how shelters are adapting in a COVID world. Questions from the audience will follow the roundtable discussion.

Moderated by Jim Tedford, CAWA, CEO & President, The Association for Animal Welfare Advancement

The Roundtable Panel:

CJ Bentley, Vice President for Animal Welfare, Atlanta Humane Society, Georgia
Jillian Sergio, Executive Director, Companion Animal Alliance, Louisiana
TBA speaker from Wisconsin Humane Society, Wisconsin

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