a young kitten sleeping while wrapped up in a blanket
Photo by Mike McFarland/The HSUS

The HSUS is pleased to support this important training on Saving Kittens in Partnership on October 19 from 1-2pm EDT.

Join this FREE National Kitten Rescue webinar hosted by the National Kitten Coalition to learn more about an innovative program that will help save vulnerable kittens at risk of being euthanized. This webinar will inspire you to rescue and rehabilitate the most at-risk of kittens, the ones that are dying every day upon arrival at shelters.

Thanks to a generous grant from The Humane Society of the United States, the Newborn Kitten Rescue has teamed with The National Kitten Coalition to produce a Toolkit for you to start or adapt your rescue to focus on these ‘last chance’ kittens that need us the most. This webinar will walk you through the highlights of that toolkit, which will be available on the NKC and HSUS websites.

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