Toward a Culture of Belonging and Inclusion in Animal Welfare

How can we ensure inclusion, safety, and belonging for transgender* people in our organizations?

Webinar attendees will unpack the importance of DEI work concerning transgender, non-binary, and gender-fluid people in the animal sheltering and well-being movement, and how this work is inherently anti-racist and anti-oppressive. This webinar will cover a brief history of gender, the intersectional, Black Feminist roots of queer theory, and unpack some of the most asked questions about transgender and non-binary identities.

Attendees will walk away with tangible ideas that your organization can implement to create more trans-inclusivity, equity, and belonging, and will understand how these actions can contribute to your overall DEI efforts.

Presenter: Rory Adams, Senior Manager of Adoption Initiatives. PetSmart Charities

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