In this information-packed two-day applied science conference, you will learn about studies in canine behavior, training, sheltering, & welfare. Perfect for practitioners who value & use evidence-based interventions to improve the lives of dogs. Join us for engaging talks on:
Dogs’ complex relationships with other dogs & people
All things olfaction: physiology, cognitive processing, odor control & intensity
Giving shelter dogs what they want with preferred activities
Behavioral issues & barriers to receiving support that owners experience
Using preference & assent tests to achieve cooperative care with our dogs
Shelter interventions that improve dogs’ behavior & welfare
Comparing & contrasting the cognitive abilities of dogs, cats, & other species
Preference, reinforcer efficacy, & their relationship
Issues that adopters experience, how they react, obtain support, & their success
Helping dogs be more resilient during stressful situations
Pet parenting styles & what it means to be a good pet parent
The relationship between the activity levels of dogs in the shelter & in the home

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Event Location | San Francisco, California

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