Community Outreach

  • Outreach

    Community outreach

    Discover how focused, purposeful and effective community outreach can be part of your organization's strategy and how building positive relationships with pet owners can improve the quality of life for pets and people in your community.

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  • Woman kissing black and white cat

    Pets for Life

    Pets for Life (PFL) is driven by social justice and guided by the philosophy that a deep connection with pets transcends socio-economic, racial and geographic boundaries, and no one should be denied the opportunity to experience the benefits, joy and comfort that come from the human-animal bond.

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  • Pet Friendly Housing

    Pet-inclusive housing

    Truly “pet-inclusive” housing options are scarce. Many housing units come with restrictions on breed, weight or size. When families are forced to make a decision between their home or their pet, they may see surrender as a last resort. Help eliminate the restrictions that cost them their homes in the first place. Use these tools to help ensure all pets are welcome in rental housing in your community.

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  • a girl holding up her dog

    Surrender prevention

    Many animals surrendered to shelters are given up due to solvable behavior issues or lack of housing. These tools can help you keep more pets in homes and make pet care, behavior and wellness resources and other information more accessible to pet owners and potential adopters.

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