Our programs

  • Humane State

    Law Enforcement Training Center

    The Humane Society of the United States' Law Enforcement Training Center provides free trainings to thousands of law enforcement officers and prosecutors across the country each year. Trainers are current or former law enforcement and leading experts in the field of animal crimes.

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  • Cat in grass

    Managing community cats

    “Community cats” is the catch-all term the animal welfare community uses for those feral and stray cats living outdoors in our communities. These cats are generally considered unowned or to have a loose affiliation with one or more people who care for them -- approximately 10% of the American public feed outdoor cats who they don’t consider their own pets. It is unclear how many community cats exist in the U.S., but we estimate there may be 30 – 40 million of them.

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  • a woman meeting a cat in a shelter

    Shelter Mentorship program

    The Shelter Mentorship program provides grant funding and mentorship to animal shelters that seek to improve their operations within three programmatic and policy issues, including community cats, pet-inclusive housing and regional capacity building to forge local relationships with under-resourced shelters.

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  • a dog licks a woman's face

    Shelter and Rescue Partners application

    The HSUS Shelter and Rescue Partners program is not only about the placement of victims from cruelty and neglect, it's about partnership. Our partners oftentimes respond with us on the ground during large scale cruelty cases and disasters, work on community level issues and stay up to date on state and federal level initiatives. All of this is optional, of course!

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  • Keeping people and pets together

    Pets and People Together

    A partnership between the Humane Society of the United States, Maddie’s Fund and the Ad Council, Pets and People Together is a national public service announcement campaign seeking to inspire caring individuals to #BeAHelper and directly help pets and their people in their communities. Our PSAs raise awareness of how simple actions, like donating pet food to a pantry, or more involved ones, such as temporarily fostering the pet of a friend or neighbor, can make it possible for pets to remain with their people during times of need.

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