Shelter and Rescue Partners

The HSUS Shelter and Rescue Partners program is not only about the placement of victims from cruelty and neglect, it is about the partnership. Our partners often times respond with us on the ground during large scale cruelty cases and disasters, work on community level issues and stay up to date on state and federal level initiatives. All of this is optional of course! Becoming a partner does not mean that you have to take animals or participate in cases, it means that you have the option. Our partners network with other shelters and rescue groups across the country on best practices and innovative techniques in sheltering and adoption.

Do you want to join our exciting coalition? Submit your application below!

Organization information
Mailing address
Is the organization a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit?
Does the organization have liability insurance specific to animal welfare organizations?
Contact information
Primary name
Secondary name
Animals accepted
The organization provides placement for the following type(s) of animal(s):
Will the organization consider taking animals with medical conditions?
Will the organization consider taking in animals with behavior problems?
Are senior animals accepted?
Does the organization make use of foster homes?
Does the organization use private boarding facilities?
Community relationships

Please list the veterinary clinic and veterinarian associated with the organization that we may contact for a reference:

Please list other shelters or animal welfare organizations your organization is currently working with that we may contact for a reference:

Other information
Are you able to transport multiple animals?
Do you have a written disaster plan?
Would you like someone to contact you to craft or update your disaster plan?
Do you participate in Shelter Animals Count?
Do you practice Return-to-Field and/or participate in the Million Cat Challenge?
Are you interested in receiving transports of pets as part of the Shelter Ally Project?
Are you interested in mentoring a shelter in need?
Required documents

As part of the application process, please provide the following:

Any one of the following documents:

  • Copy of last annual report to the State Veterinarian
  • Copy of last similar or applicable report to other local or state regulatory agency
  • Copy of last inspection report from local regulatory agency
  • Copy of letter of endorsement from national or regional breed association
  • Copy of letter of reference from a licensed veterinarian and letter of reference from another local humane organization, local government officials or state professional association

All of the following documents (required for nonprofits / as applicable for other agencies):

  • Copy of mission statement, by-laws and written policies (with a focus on core policies rather than daily operations)
  • Copy of 501(c)(3) letter of determination
  • Copy of adoption application form
  • Copy of adoption contract
  • Copy of foster agreement form (only if applicable)
  • Copy of informational material or brochure
  • List of board members with contact information

You may upload documents with this form or email them.

Please email all necessary documents to:
Lindsay Hamrick at
Sam Nelson at

Maximum 9 files.
10 MB limit.
Allowed types: jpg, jpeg, pdf, doc, docx.