Christina Cabrera

Christina Traughber

Foster Care Supervisor, Humane Society Silicon Valley

Christina Cabrera has worked in shelters for over twenty years, with her primary focus on foster care programs for over sixteen years. Specializing in feline, canine and small animal foster programs, Christina has created foster manuals and training materials for volunteer roles essential for supporting a large foster program. A subject matter expert in neonatal care, Christina has trained hundreds of foster volunteers to properly care for orphaned unweaned kittens and puppies, and even offers additional training for volunteers interested in learning at home critical care techniques, such as tube feeding and supportive care. Christina also has extensive experience in creating and managing volunteer support roles for high volume foster care programs such as foster mentors, and a volunteer run vaccination station. She has hosted over three dozen Maddie’s Program Apprentices for feline foster programs as well as foster staff from shelters and rescues across California. Whether you are starting a new foster program or expanding an existing one, Christina can share her knowledge and expertise to help make your programs successful.