Dr. Graham Brayshaw, DVM

Dr. Graham Brayshaw with dog

Director of Animal Services, Animal Humane Society

Dr. Graham Brayshaw is the Director of Animal Services at the Animal Humane Society (AHS) in Golden Valley, MN. In his role he oversees all veterinarians and helps set policy and procedures for our general animal, veterinary, and behavioral care in our shelters and clinics. Dr. Graham graduated in 2004 with a DVM from Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine. He worked in private practice before coming to AHS in 2012 as their Senior Veterinarian, advancing to a Director role in 2013. Dr. Graham was also appointed by the Governor and serves as a veterinarian Board member on the Minnesota Board of Animal Health. Dr. Graham has presented with VetGirl in person and via webinar. He has also presented on managed intake and feline population management with HSUS. Dr. Graham has been a member of the AAWA Best Practices committee since 2016 most recently presenting a webinar about veterinarian hiring and management. He led AHS’s worked with the MN Dept of Health to perform a published incidence study of Brucella canis entering the state and is working with Maddie’s Fund to do investigational studies on dog housing and enrichment.