Rebecca (Gimenez) Husted, PhD

Rebecca (Gimenez) Husted

President/Owner, Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue

Rebecca (Gimenez) Husted published the first textbook on Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue (Wiley-Blackwell) in 2008. She is a decorated combat veteran, retired Signal Officer, US ARMY, holds BS (Biology) Wofford College, PhD (Animal Physiology) Clemson University. She provides training in Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue (TLAERTM ) techniques across the US and internationally. She has published numerous critiques, techniques and journal articles on a variety of technical subjects in large animal disaster and emergency rescue, horse barn fires, and heavy rescue of large animals. She is a Principal/SME member of the Technical Committee of the NFPA Standard 150 – Animal Housing and contributes to equine welfare committees and others defining technical competencies for large animal rescue around the world.