Shafonda Davis

Shafonda Davis

Executive Director, Animal Protection Society of Durham

Shafonda Davis has worked in animal welfare for over twenty years. She is the current executive director of the Animal Protection Society of Durham in North Carolina. She serves on the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee of the Association of Animal Welfare Advancement. She is a current board member of CARE Companions and Animals for Reform and Equity and she has formerly served on the Board of North Carolina Animal Federation.

Shafonda feels privileged to work in a diverse community in the south with a diverse staff that work together to create a better world for animals through sheltering, outreach and spay neuter assistance. Having started in animal welfare with very few people that resembled herself, Shafonda is hoping to contribute to a future where all of animal welfare is accepting and inclusive.

When Shafonda is not working she spends time with her large family, loving pets, and animal welfare friends.