Steve Porter

Chief product officer, ShelterBuddy

After nearly 15 years in software development and engineering for human health care systems, Steve Porter decided to marry his technical skills with his passion for helping dogs and cats.

He spent the next four and a half years at Austin Pets Alive! in Texas, where he started as a volunteer in the parvo and panleukopenia isolation wards. A few months later, he joined the staff as manager of the parvo ICU program and spent the next two years helping to save some of the shelter’s most critical intakes and increase the program’s capacity while maintaining its stellar survival rate. Hooked on the mission but also looking for a new challenge, Steve became a director of lifesaving operations, a role that tapped his experience in the technology and software fields.

In spring 2021, Steve transitioned to a new job as chief product officer at ShelterBuddy, where he leads the effort to combine the system’s extensive database capabilities with a redesigned, modern interface. He also volunteers with Human Animal Support Services, an international coalition of animal services leaders and partner organizations, where he leads the technology group.