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Are you committed to cats? Are you committed to ensuring the welfare of cats currently living outdoors in your community? Are you committed to humanely reducing that population of cats, with the aim of eventually reaching zero unowned cats living outdoors?

Countless organizations are committing themselves to cats by employing life-saving and harm-preventing policies and programs. We invite you to become a part of this movement by signing The Humane Society of the United States Committed to Cats Pledge, which is a commitment to employing humane policies to manage community cats.

After signing the pledge, you will receive a Committed to Cats emblem to place in your organization’s window that indicates your commitment to humane community cat management.

Participating organizations will receive communications on new tools, discounted trainings and free resources on how to help more cats. Learn more about how your organization can help cats at

Commit to Cats

Our organization is Committed to Cats. We have adopted policies that promote the humane management of community cats, as indicated below. We agree to participate in the Committed to Cats Pledge, a program of The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and receive communications on new tools and resources on how to help more cats.

Please select all that apply:
We pro-actively TNR community cats through staff or volunteers and offer TNR support to community cat caretakers.
We do not euthanize healthy stray cats for nuisance reasons, opting to sterilize, vaccinate and return them to their outdoor home if they are not candidates for adoption.
Healthy stray cats who can’t be returned to their outdoor home are placed in an alternative adoption program where they are relocated to barns, warehouses or other safe outdoor or semi-outdoor locations.
We do not euthanize stray kittens under 8 weeks for behavioral reasons (kittens are feral). These kittens go through a socialization program either in-shelter or through a foster network to be made available for adoption.
We do not loan out traps for the nuisance removal/euthanizing of community cats.
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