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What is HumanePro?

  • A comprehensive online resource offered by the Humane Society of the United States, HumanePro is for people working or volunteering for rescue groups, animal shelters, animal care and control agencies, veterinary clinics and trap-neuter-return programs.
  • HumanePro offers an unparalleled depth of information on all aspects of shelter and rescue operations, including shelter design, disinfection and disease control, humane education and community outreach, staff and volunteer management, fundraising and grants, disaster preparation and response, wildlife and community cat management, adoption promotions and policies, and animal transport.
  • HumanePro covers all animals shelters and rescues serve, primarily cats, dogs, equines, and rabbits, as well as small animals, farm animals and wildlife.
  • HumanePro houses session information and registration for the Humane Society of the United States’ annual Animal Care Expo, the largest educational conference for the animal welfare field in the world.

Offering Dynamic Content

  • Online magazine with weekly news and articles from our journalists in the animal welfare field and a rich archive of past articles
  • Blog with advice and opinions from animal welfare voices
  • Grants directories
  • Animal Welfare job board
  • Training, webinar and event directories
  • Downloadable fact sheets, toolkits, PSAs and how-to guides
  • Twice monthly e-newsletter
  • Daily social media posts encouraging click-throughs and driving traffic to humanepro.org


  • Average monthly unique visitors: 38,500+
  • Average monthly pageviews: 100,000+
  • E-newsletter subscribers: 30,000
  • Facebook followers: 16,000+
  • Animal Care Expo Online attendees:4,800


  • 62% of our readers serve in a leadership role at their organization.*
    • 50% shelter and rescue directors, founders, presidents, board members
    • 12% shelter managers
    • 33% volunteers
    • 5% other: animal control officers, kennel attendants, veterinarians or veterinary technicians
  • 60% of our readers work or volunteer at a private organization.*
    • 40% private animal shelter
    • 19% government contractors and volunteers working at multiple organizations
    • 11% municipal animal shelter
    • 10% animal care and control
    • 10% rescue group
    • 6% trap-neuter-return group
    • 4% veterinary clinic
  • Our readers span every age demographic.**
    • 13% 18-24
    • 25% 25-34
    • 16% 35-44
    • 17% 45-54
    • 17% 55-64
    • 13% 65+

32% of readers have contacted and/or made a purchase from an advertiser after seeing one of our ads.*

*2018 HumanePro readership survey
**2019 HumanePro magazine readership survey
**2020 HumanePro.org Google Analytics reports