Coyote in profile
Photo by Charles Wood

The HSUS has created a template coyote management plan for use by community leaders and animal care and control professionals. This plan was developed after reviewing many successful coyote management plans across the U.S., as well as the latest science regarding the best way to prevent and solve coyote conflicts. It details the best approaches for solving a variety of conflicts among coyotes, people, and pets. Download it below!

The HSUS has also created several fact sheets for the public with information about preventing and solving conflicts with coyotes. Download them below and post on your website and/or distribute within your community.


Template Coyote Management and Coexistence Plan
Template Coyote Management and Coexistence Plan
Preventing Coyote Conflicts Fact Sheet
Preventing coyote conflicts
Solutions for Coyote Conflicts
Solutions for coyote conflicts
Coyote Hazing Guidelines Fact Sheet
Coyote hazing guidelines