three people gather around a fluffy white dog
Photo by Brent Clark/AP Images for The HSUS

The Humane Society of the United States created the humane discourse pledge for a simple reason: We believe respectful dialogue and collaboration are key to growing a stronger, more effective animal welfare movement.

After you’ve signed the pledge, please check out our resources for putting the pledge into action.

I pledge to:

  • Reject and condemn verbal abuse, threats and acts of violence directed against animal welfare and veterinary professionals, fellow animal advocates and pet owners in my community. There’s no place in the humane movement for these behaviors, and they eliminate opportunities for dialogue and collaboration. They don’t help animals, are detrimental to the people caring for them and undermine the credibility of the cause.
  • Commit to extending the same compassion I hold for animals to people. I will support animal welfare professionals, community members and organizations in our shared goals of improving animal welfare.
  • Encourage a productive exchange of views among animal welfare organizations, their supporters and the public, even when those conversations address sensitive topics. While complacency and failure to advance the welfare of animals shouldn’t be accepted as the status quo, I agree to voice my concerns in a professional, constructive manner.
  • Model civil dialogue, online and in public, and challenge disrespectful behavior in a courteous way.

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