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You spend time and energy improving the health and welfare of your shelter's animals, but what about the staff that you rely on to do the work? The People Practices Self-Check was designed by organizational experts at the University of North Carolina Charlotte, in partnership with The HSUS, to help shelters identify opportunities to promote growth and success of employees.

This free, easy-to-use, confidential tool is comprised of a series of online questions that represent best practices in management of shelter staff. Questions are categorized by priority level, so users start with Foundations 1. Based on your answers to each question, you will either receive confirmation that you are on the right track or an alert with specific tools to take positive steps to improve. (Review a sample report excerpt from a completed survey.) You can periodically repeat the survey after implementing recommendations to track progress and identify new areas for improvement.

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Core areas covered include:

  • Recruitment & Hiring
  • Onboarding & Orientation
  • Formal & Informal Training
  • The Work Itself & Standard Operating Procedures
  • Pay & Benefits
  • Recognition
  • Performance Management
  • Advancement & Promotional Opportunities
  • Stress & Workload
  • Coworkers & Within-Department Teamwork
  • Cross-Department Teamwork & Coordination
  • Volunteers -- From a Staff Member Perspective
  • Organizational Communication
  • Board of Directors

The Science Behind the PPSC
The PPSC is founded on archives of historical shelter data, current recommendations from leading authorities in shelter management and an examination of best practices in talent management across other fields.

The Scientists Behind the PPSC

  • Steven Rogelberg, PhD, Chancellor's Professor and Director of Organizational Science at UNC Charlotte
  • Leann Caudill, MA, advanced doctoral student in the Organizational Science PhD program at UNC Charlotte
  • Mallory Fiery, MA, advanced doctoral student in the Health Psychology PhD program at UNC Charlotte

People Care Supports Animal Care
The PPSC is a unique survey track within the Virtual Consultant, a free online self-assessment tool created by the shelter medicine experts from the UC Davis Koret Shelter Medicine Program and the University of Wisconsin Shelter Medicine Program. UNC Charlotte and The HSUS are proud to partner with the UC Davis and UW shelter medicine programs to offer the PPSC alongside critical survey tracks that help users assess and improve in the areas of shelter animal health, shelter animal behavior and enrichment, as well as recommendations from the Guidelines for Standards of Care published by the Association of Shelter Veterinarians.

In partnership with:

Organizational Science at UNC Charlotte


People Practices Self-Check Report Sample
People Practices Self-Check Report Sample