Animal Control Officer

Recorded Webinar 

Does your agency or shelter refer calls from the public to wildlife control companies for assistance?  While good phone advising and wildlife policies can effectively resolve the majority of the public’s conflicts with wildlife, there are instances (such as wildlife intrusions into a structure, wildlife with young using a void space, or issues involving bat colonies) where constituents may need the assistance of a wildlife control service. Unfortunately, the techniques used by many wildlife control companies to attempt to solve these wildlife conflicts are ineffective, inhumane, and not in line with the customer’s wishes for a nonlethal solution, nor your agency’s humane mission. Fortunately, your agency (as a source of referrals) can have an influence on the practices of your local wildlife control operators.

In this webinar learn how to establish guidelines for referring or working with wildlife control services and how to help ensure that their practices will be responsible and humane and in accord with your humane mission. The information in this webinar will assist your agency in determining whether a company will follow humane approaches, help protect the public from questionable business practices and provide a better chance of a lasting and environmentally responsible resolution to wildlife conflicts.

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