Job Description

Essential Duties:
• Develop, implement and maintain policies and procedures to ensure safe and humane
treatment of animals admitted to the care of HSNB
• Knowledge of state and local laws, regulations, codes and ordinances relating to the humane
treatment and sheltering of animals
• Supervise, manage and motivate all staff to maximize their effectiveness and productivity. Ensure that
all staff are trained in the Standard Operating Procedures relevant to their duties.
• Ensure staff is entering and updating all data related to animal care promptly, thoroughly, and
• Ensure staff are accurately completing daily checklists and tasks through direct physical
inspection of kennels and grounds
• Responsible for hiring and firing, conducting disciplinary actions and performance appraisals,
with assistance from Board Liaison
• Work with Medical Lead to ensure spay/neuter appointments, medical appointments, surgeries,
and medical care are scheduled and completed
• Continually observe conditions within the organization and recommend changes/improvements
to the Board of Directors to ensure efficient use of resources and sustainability of operations
• Maintaining our positive, collaborative relationships with other agencies, rescue organizations,
medical providers, City staff, corporate entities within Solano County and local media
• Work with Board of Directors to develop annual budget and operate within budget guidelines
• Follow the strategic plan and budget for maintaining revenue and expense goals
• Continuously monitor and enforce contractual compliance of our City and County agreements
• Review and approve all public communications including news and fundraising releases,
organization publications and documents with assistance from the Board Liaison
• Fundamental working knowledge of social media platforms
• Coordinate with contractor to ensure and maintain functionality of current IT systems and
• Work with contractors as needed to ensure functionality and maintenance of facilities
• Attend regular meetings with the Board of Directors and committees. Provide detailed monthly
activity reports to the Board of Directors (on Finance, Shelter statistics, Incidents, Personnel).
Requirements & Qualifications:
• BS Degree in related field or completion of sufficient coursework to successfully perform the
required duties of the position or any equivalent combination of education/experience.
• Prior experience as a Manager, Assistant manager, or equivalent role in a non-profit or animal
welfare organization is highly desired.
• Must possess excellent skills in conflict resolution, coaching and counseling.
• Excellent written, verbal and overall communication skills.
• Microsoft Office skills, with Shelter Buddy experience preferred.
• Understand and possess safe animal handling skills for dogs and cats and basic animal behavior.
• Have excellent customer service skills.
• Proven leadership ability.
• Ability to communicate effectively with the public, fellow employees and volunteers.
• Willingness and ability to adjust tasks in accordance with changing deadlines and priorities.
• Ability to evaluate the efficiency of programs, systems, and procedures and make
recommendations for change when needed.
• Demonstrate flexibility, organization, self-motivation and ability to work independently.
• Possess ability to recognize and understand de-escalation techniques.
• Ability to experience high-stress situations calmly and professionally.
• Valid CA driver’s license with a good driving record and full-coverage insurance.

This is a full time job

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Brenda Mooney
Board of Directors

Closing Date: Monday, May 17, 2021

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