Photo by Bevil Knapp/The HSUS

HSUS Approved Euthanasia Instructors

As a movement, we are now, thankfully, closer than ever to the day when euthanasia will be reserved only for animals who are suffering and whose quality of life cannot be improved upon through veterinary and humane behavioral interventions, and those who are too aggressive to safely reside in our communities. Although the Humane Society of the United States does not provide direct euthanasia training, we do believe that when the difficult decision is made to euthanize an animal, it is critical to ensure it is performed as humanely as possible through euthanasia by injection (EBI) by trained personnel who utilize the most current recommended protocols and humane handling guidelines.

The following individuals have been licensed to use the HSUS course curriculum on performing humane euthanasia, based on the HSUS’s Euthanasia Reference Manual. You can engage one of these instructors to host a training at your facility, or view a calendar of current trainings (scroll to the middle of the page and choose “Euthanasia” in the Tags dropdown menu) being taught by one of these instructors.

The Humane Society of the United States also endorses the University of Florida’s excellent, online Euthanasia by Injection course. This course provides an online option for the many organizations and individuals that may not be able to access an in-person training. It includes a combination of lecture materials (part 1) as well as a practical portion (part 2) to be completed with the oversight of a veterinarian. If your animal shelter or animal control agency is interested in this training program and is unable to cover the full cost, the HSUS may be able to provide a partial or full scholarship. Please fill out our online application to be considered for a scholarship.

NameContact InfoOrganizationLocationExpiration Date
Dr. Cathy Andersoncathyyanderson@aol.comAdopt-A-PetFenton, Michigan12/11/2023
Shirene Cece, DVMscece@michiganhumane.orgMichigan Humane SocietyBingham Falls, Michigan12/3/2023
Renee Harris, CVTreneeharris@top2catsconsulting.comTop2cats ConsultingSan Diego, California; 
teaches across the U.S.
Damon Marchdmarch@humanepa.orgHumane Society Management ServicesReading, Pennsylvania11/29/2023
Christian Kentucky; 
teaches across the U.S.
Dr. Karen Sheppardkaren.sheppard@huntsvilleal.govHuntsville Animal ServicesHuntsville, Alabama11/29/2023