Squirrel in trap
Michael Westhoff/iStock

Recorded webinar

Most pet owners and animal care professionals think that traps ( foot-traps/snares/body-grip/cage traps) are a danger for only a few winter months of the year for fur trapping. The reality is that in every state these devices can be legally set at any time in the name of predator control or “nuisance” wildlife control. Most pet owners would not recognize these devices, or know how to remove their pet from them if they were caught. This workshop will start by defining the dangers that can be out there 24/7/365. We will cover what they look like; where to expect to find them and how to remove your pet or other animals that might become caught. You will learn how to minimize the chance for your community's pets to get caught, including how to pursue public posting of trapping activity and how to seek Trap Free Zones where pet owners can take their companions to for safe hiking and exercise.

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