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As you adjust your operations during the pandemic, it’s vital that you share the most up-to-date and accurate information with your community, staff and volunteers. The North American COVID-19 Communication Task Force, a collaboration of animal welfare organizations across the U.S and Canada (see full list at the bottom of the page), created these materials to help you communicate with a variety of audiences—pet parents, shelter staff, law enforcement and foster families in your community.

You can add your own branding to these resources (as long as the key messages remain unchanged) or use them as is.

General public

The two most important messages we need to get out to pet owners: make a plan for your pets in the event you are unable to care for them and ensure your pets are safe at home.


Download and share this PSA with your community:

This infographic and video is in collaboration with NACA to help parents dealing with working at home balancing kids and pets:


The following materials can be shared on your social media channels, printed and posted in your facility or other places, or shared in email communications.

Should I test my pet for COVID-19?

How to keep pets safe at home during COVID-19

Include pets in your preparedness plan amid COVID-19 concerns from Humane Canada

"Thank you" social media images (share your appreciation with your volunteers, adopters, donors, and more!)

"I can help" images (encourage animal lovers in your community to offer help to their friends and family members with pets)

Letter to community leaders from The Association

Shelter staff

Remind your staff what critical services entail and why safety protocols are key.

Shelter staff and COVID-19 priorities

Law enforcement/Animal control officers

Help keep your ACOs safe and focused on priority needs. Consider printing hard copies for your officers, or share the file in an email memo.

Protect yourself so you can keep helping your community 

Equip your ACOs with this public-facing two-sided flyer that debunks myths about COVID-19 and encourages pet owners to plan for emergencies.

COVID-19 & your pet

Share this video demonstrating PPE and decontamination strategies.

ACO decontamination by San Diego Humane Society

Foster families

Keep your foster families informed and motivated.

Can my foster animal spread COVID-19?

Why you should foster during the COVID-19 pandemic

How to photograph and market your foster animal

Thank your foster volunteers

These resources were intentionally left brand neutral. You may brand them with your organization's name and logo, as long as the key messages remain unchanged. If you're short on time or design skills, feel free to use these resources as is.

We'd like to extend a huge THANK YOU to all the marketing pros who donated their time and expertise to creating accurate and shareable communications.

covid toolkit task force logos and members

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