Donors wait to give blood
Donors wait to give blood. Photo by Humane Society of Silicon Valley

In January, an unusual partnership between Humane Society Silicon Valley and Stanford Blood Center in California was lifesaving in more ways than one. For each person who donated blood throughout the month, the blood center contributed funds to the shelter.

Overall, 3,395 people donated blood over 31 days, raising $6,790 for HSSV, which will go toward funding pet vaccinations and medical costs. The campaign included an on-site blood drive at the humane society led by blood center staff and volunteers.

The blood drive “was a fantastic event,” says Carol Novello, HSSV president. “The event was buzzing with activity from start to finish. … We were thrilled to see many of our own donors and volunteers attend, some driving long distances to give blood.”

The shelter receives a hefty check
The shelter receives a hefty check. Photo by Humane Society of Silicon Valley

The partnership was part of Stanford Blood Center’s annual Give Good Campaign, which encourages blood donors to “make their donation count twice” by simultaneously giving blood and supporting a local organization each winter, when the center says there’s a significant decline in blood donations.

In addition to caring about human patients, “our donors are also very passionate about animals,” says blood center spokeswoman Vanessa Merina. “The added bonus of helping local shelter animals in need … was a huge incentive for them, and really helped bring in blood donors when we needed them most.”

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