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Animal Sheltering Winter 2018-2019

Winter 2018-2019

Spay Day celebrates a quarter century of litter prevention; community cat advocates tap the power of a pyramid; a New Jersey shelter makes dogs available for short-term rentals; a pro golfer scores a hole in one for shelters; senior people help promote senior pets in North Carolina; and more.

Animal Sheltering Fall 2018 cover

Fall 2018

Florida takes on greyhound racing in a historic ballot campaign; the Million Cat Challenge looks to the future; kids use their artistic talents to raise awareness of TNR; a nonprofit matches veterans with overlooked shelter pets; and more.

Animal Sheltering Summer 2018 cover

Summer 2018

Shelters nationwide give and receive help through the Shelter and Rescue Partners network; in New Mexico, adoptable dogs take center stage in community theater; a new ASPCA rehabilitation center in North Carolina provides a second chance for “behaviorally crippled” dogs; an animal control officer in Virginia teams up with local cat lovers to solve a hoarding situation; and more.

Animal Sheltering Spring 2018 cover

Spring 2018

Shelters move beyond their “dog pound” roots to become creative community centers focused on lifesaving; animal welfare organizations get moving to protect shelter pets, wildlife and farm animals as a series of powerful storms makes landfall; the animal welfare field grapples with the problem of alcohol and substance abuse; the founders of a spay/neuter clinic in West Virginia recall the inspiration they received years ago at The HSUS’s Animal Care Expo; a house call program in New York City helps elderly residents keep their pets; humane education pays off for a humane society in Florida;