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July/August 2015 cover

July/August 2015

In this issue: Why breed-specific legislation should be a thing of the past; how good fostering programs help shelters save lives; running animal transport programs to save more lives; a Mississippi shelter makes inroads against euthanasia; shelter directors take to the therapy couch to explore the judgments we all make and how they impact our work; and more.

March/April 2015 cover

March/April 2015

In this issue: Remembering the loss and lessons of Hurricane Katrina; tips and tricks for using animal nets effectively and humanely; a California shelter finds that limiting cat intake is good for the shelter and good for the cats; assessing your community in order to best target your programs and outreach, and more.

September/October 2013

September/October 2013

In this issue: A former ACO turned shelter veterinarian has a startling message, many shelters are waiving adoption fees to help cats, improving your organization with customer-smart skills, and more.