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Animal Sheltering Winter 2017 cover

Winter 2017-2018

Veterinarians and horse rescues help the Havasu Falls tribe and its animals; animal welfare groups and human service agencies work together; memorandums of understanding prove imperative to partnerships; New Hampshire animal advocates chalk up a legislative victory for cats with chronic diseases; actress Adrienne C. Moore talks the human-animal bond; ways to alleviate the emotional turmoil when a dog has serious behavioral or emotional issues; how to identify cats' dental problems; and more.

Animal Sheltering Fall 2017 cover

Fall 2017

Black cats get lucky; a Colorado sanctuary teaches horses to trust; shelters feel the fallout from the backyard chicken craze; Florida shelter educates its staff and volunteers about fomites to prevent the spread of disease; New York rescue groups showcase foster kitties in stylish chapeaus; a wildlife biologist discusses ways for cat advocates and conservationists to work together; and more.

Animal Sheltering Summer 2017 cover

Summer 2017

In this issue: How The HSUS and HSI are helping horses in Puerto Rico; cruelty investigators describe the highs and lows of a life undercover; why the return-to-field approach is sometimes the most logical strategy for shelters; solutions for keeping community cats away from where they’re not wanted; improving communication between private and shelter pets; and more.