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May/June 2016 cover

May/June 2016

In this issue: A glimpse into the tough but rewarding jobs of humane investigators; better branding helps organizations gain community support; how to create and staff a humane summer camp; navigating your rescue away from founder’s syndrome; sanitation basics for a healthy shelter environment; and more.

January/February 2016 cover

January/February 2016

In this issue: How to keep the peace among feral cat colonies and their human neighbors; loan-a-dog programs help get pooches out of the shelter; the myth of the “perfect” adopter and how it’s hurting shelter animals; rethinking returns from a rescue perspective; tips for maintaining shelter animals’ emotional wellbeing, and more.

November/December 2015 cover

November/December 2015

In this issue: The conflict between private vets and nonprofit clinics; how catios can enrich the lives of cats in shelter/foster care and at home; using GIS technology to target at-risk animals; empowering pet owners rehome their own animals; strengthening your compassion resilience, and more.

September/October 2015 cover

September/October 2015

In this issue: Getting to know your community means getting outside your own four walls; a major push to help animals in Puerto Rico; taking effective evidentiary photos in cruelty cases; a rescuer argues for setting aside labels to make more of an impact for animals; why maintaining shelter animals’ emotional health is so important; and more.