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Animal Sheltering January/February 2017 cover

January/February 2017

In this issue: Ending the use of gas chambers for euthanasia; the benefits of adopting senior pets; safeguarding your shelter from the threat of a fire; taking advantage of Facebook to save more animals; the keys to successful disaster response by shelter veterinarians; and more.

Animal Sheltering November/December 2016 cover

November/December 2016

The truth behind four of the biggest myths in the field; rehabilitating dogs with emotional baggage; shelter drainage 101; achieving stellar customer service; a shelter revamps its policies and programs; prepping employees for managerial roles; and more.

Animal Sheltering September/October 2016

September/October 2016

In this issue: A look into Pets for Life work in Detroit; running a capital campaign to fund a new shelter; managing community cat populations more effectively with targeted TNR; the benefits of adding a paid employee to your rescue; how to keep animals healthy, even in an old, run-down building; and more.

Animal Sheltering July/August 2016 cover

July/August 2016

In this issue: The dangers of exotic pets; basics for sheltering animals during disasters or rescues; a little training can make shelter dogs more adoptable; a California group makes an impact for animals despite limited resources; keeping up employee morale; and more.